Friday, August 3, 2012

GRADY YARBROUGH SHARES HIS THOUGHTS: Why I am the best candidate for United States Senate

by Grady Yarbrough
For Your Thought Matters Readers

I'm the best candidate because I can bring harmony, and cooperation to the senate, and will try to encourage members of the House to be more harmonious as well.

I believe my experience as an educator, working with people of diverse backgrounds, uniquely  qualifies me to be the next senator.

I was successful as an educator, and can be successful in putting forth a program that will put our people back to work, extend Social Security,  strengthen Medicare/Medicaid, and solve the Immigration problem by implimenting the "Dream Act",  and  granting citizenship to the parents of Dream Act Children.

These are but a few of my ideas, on how we may solve the problems facing our state, and nation.

AUBREY R. TAYLOR: This comment was provided by Grady Yarbrough to Your Thought Matters Newspaper readers heading into his 2012 Democratic Primary runoff race for the United States Senate.