Thursday, August 16, 2012

JOHN DEVINE SHARES HIS THOUGHTS: Why I am the best candidate for Texas Supreme Court Justice Place #4

by John Devine
For Your Thought Matters Readers

For nearly 18 years I have served in various forms of judicial capacities in the state of Texas either as a special judge or a district judge. I believe I have the perquisite qualities necessary to serve in the highest court in Texas. These attributes are: personal restraint, moral integrity, academic excellence, self-sacrifice, spirit of service, firm reliance on God, humble nature, and undying respect for the Constitution. You might know me as the “10 Commandments Judge.” Where I received national acclaim for refusing to remove a painting of the Ten Commandments from his courtroom and defeated a related lawsuit by liberal activists.

AUBREY R. TAYLOR: This comment was provided by John Devine for Your Thought Matters Newspaper readers heading into his 2012 Republican Primary runoff race for Texas Supreme Court Justice for Place 4.