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Friday, August 17, 2012

GREG PARKER SHARES HIS THOUGHTS: Why I am the best candidate for Texas Railroad Commissioner

by Greg Parker
For Your Thought Matters Readers

I believe I am the best candidate because I am a consistent conservative that has fought to keep taxes low -- one of the lowest in the Alamo region. I have fought diligently to protect Texans’ individual private property rights, by passing a resolution on commissioners’ court that restricts the use of eminent domain. Further, as a former US Army veteran and tech professional I have pushed hard for new technology on our commissioners’ court as I will on the railroad commission. The oil and gas treasure beneath our feet can power Texas for generations to come, provide prosperity and good jobs, but only if we elect individuals who believe in the promise of Texas energy; and not fall for the renewable energy fad.

I hold a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, a Masters of Public Administration, and I am all but dissertation on my Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration with my dissertation research on "The Correlation between Urban Natural Gas Exploration and Economic Growth" I have also completed open courseware from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in: Energy Economics, Econometrics, Public Economics, Environmental Economics and Government Responses to Market Failure. In 2009, I was inducted into Pi Alpha Alpha National Honors Society for Public Administration. I have also authored several energy articles and a book dispelling the myth of man-made global warming entitled: “Global warming… Really?”

Contrast that with my opponent in this race who is the anointed darling of the Texas Republican establishment. My opponent has used his time as an appointed official to take Texans for a ride on his Green Energy Boondoggle train. Promoting “green” energy to the tune of $300 million tax dollars, mandating smart meters for all Texans, worked with the liberal group “environmental defense fund” to promote the Chevy Volt. All this while Texans still face rolling blackouts, and higher electric bill because of his push for CREZ power lines that will cost Texans $6.8billion dollars.

On Tuesday, July 31st you’ll have a choice; a choice between remaining stuck in the past with the business as usual political establishment; or the chance to move into the future with a candidate whose unique qualifications, passion and drive making me the obvious choice. My mission is to return government back to “We the People” and I am asking you for your help.  My name is Greg Parker and I am asking for your confidence and for your vote in the race for Texas Railroad Commissioner.

AUBREY R. TAYLOR: This comment was provided by Greg Parker for Your Thought Matters Newspaper readers heading into his 2012 Republican Primary runoff race for Texas Railroad Commissioner.