Harris County Democrats Went to the Polls in Person in Greater Numbers than Harris County Republicans Through the First Two of Early Voting!

Democrats are winning the “EARLY VOTING BY PERSONAL APPEARANCE TURNOUT” through the first two days of “EARLY VOTING” in Harris County. Thus far, 6,976 Democrats have personally gone to the polls. Comparatively, 6,676 Republicans have personally gone to the polls to vote. However, Republicans have a total voter participation number of 14,493 and the Democrats have a total voter participation number of 12,627 so far. I will keep you posted.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

JARVIS JOHNSON SHARES HIS THOUGHTS: Why I am the best candidate for Harris County School Board Trustee Position 6 Precinct #1

by Jarvis Johnson
For Your Thought Matters Readers

Much has been said about Jarvis Johnson's candidacy for the Harris County Board of Education, Precinct 1, Position 6. Things have been said by many of the elected officials and political pundits, like: "you should not run for this seat because, this is a starter position", "this is an insignificant position", or "this seat does not have prestige".

Now, I ask those people one simple question, "If our children are our future—if they are our most precious commodity; then, how dare you say this education position is insignificant?" I say to all, "This is the most important position that Harris County has to offer!"

Our children and families no longer need politicians who use their constituents to gain political positions which will financially and politically benefit the politician.

I am a candidate for this position, because of my unique experience and qualifications. Prior to becoming the Houston City Councilman for District B, I was the Executive Director for Phoenix Outreach Youth Center for 12-years, where we served over 30,000 men, women and children in our After School Enrichment Programs. I was also the coordinator for the D.A.R.E. program which served, for 15-years, the Independent School Districts of Spring, Humble, Houston, North Forrest and in many Houston parks. Also, I have owned Child Care Centers, for 10-years, across Texas, providing Early Childhood Development Care.

These experiences have guided my return to my roots of being involved with the education of our children. As your Trustee, it will be my charge and focus, to work with School Districts across Harris County to return Vocation Education into our schools. When I was in public school, students could take wood shop, metal shop, auto-mechanics, and cosmetology. These classes taught young people the skills to be employable upon graduation.

Today, many of our youth have no employable skill to enter the workforce; they find themselves either under-employed or unemployed. And, because we have eliminated Vocational Education from our schools, we see a rise in the dropout rate in Texas. We must prepare our children today, to be our productive citizens of tomorrow.

Therefore, I, Jarvis Johnson, seek your support as a husband of Charlene, a father of two school-age children—Nalyah, age 14, and Jarvis II, age 11, a graduate of Texas Southern University, and a business owner. Our community needs strong, committed, intelligent and un-compromised leadership.

Our children need you to vote, and when you do, Vote for Jarvis Johnson. Our sons and daughters must graduate High School with employable skills, to be a productive citizen; or, risk becoming another student dropout statistic, which leads to jail. Because we must Invest in Education, not Incarceration.

AUBREY R. TAYLOR: This comment was provided by Jarvis Johnson for Your Thought Matters Newspaper readers heading into his 2012 Democratic Primary runoff race for the Harris County School Board Trustee Position 6, Precinct 1 Position.