Harris County Democrats Went to the Polls in Person in Greater Numbers than Harris County Republicans Through the First Two of Early Voting!

Democrats are winning the “EARLY VOTING BY PERSONAL APPEARANCE TURNOUT” through the first two days of “EARLY VOTING” in Harris County. Thus far, 6,976 Democrats have personally gone to the polls. Comparatively, 6,676 Republicans have personally gone to the polls to vote. However, Republicans have a total voter participation number of 14,493 and the Democrats have a total voter participation number of 12,627 so far. I will keep you posted.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

LOUIS GUTHRIE SHARES HIS THOUGHTS: Why I am the best candidate for Harris County Sheriff

by Louis Guthrie
For Your Thought Matters Readers

The position of Sheriff is extremely important; effecting the safety and quality of life of every citizen.  As we have learned from the current Democratic Sheriff, lack of experience, especially leadership experience, can have devastating consequences. I began my career in 1991 as a jailer with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and have since promoted through the ranks to Watch Commander and eventually Director of Special Crimes and Narcotics. Over my career, I have gained Supervisory and Command experience in almost every area of Law Enforcement.
Many of you are already familiar with my conservative law and order style of policing as well as my lobbying for safer communities, better immigration policies, and voter accountability processes in Harris County. I am actively engaged with Texas Legislators, having travelled to Austin many times in past legislative session to offer advice and opinions on Law Enforcement and Public Safety issues.  I have always stood for:

Constitutional Rights – State Rights – American Sovereignty – Less Bureaucracy – Less Taxes – More Personal Property Rights – The War on Terrorism.

Having been appointed by Commissioners Court to the Harris County CEFFC, I understand the need to have the smallest impact on Harris County tax payers.  Serving as Vice President, I authorized over $700 million dollars for Hospitals and Health Care Facilities in Harris County; all with NO TAXPAYER EXPENSE.

Through my years of public service, I have earned the trust and support of most leaders in the community and have gained overwhelming support from the law enforcement professional organizations. I will continue to work with Commissioners Court to revitalize the Sheriff’s Office, restore fiscal sanity and return integrity to the office.  As your next Sheriff, I will make it a priority to REDUCE CRIME, CUT UNNECESSARY SPENDING, and put more Deputies on the street.

Being actively involved in civic and political issues since the age of eighteen, I have worked in many Republican Campaigns in Harris County and throughout Texas with the hope of giving Texans strong conservative choices. In this election cycle, we, as Conservatives, have a duty to elect not only the most qualified candidates, but also those candidates who have consistently shared our values and have an identifiable, reliable Republican track record.

Through my 21 years as a Peace Officer I have demonstrated the Integrity and Courage this job demands.  As a public servant and leader I have developed the Vision and Judgment required to run Texas’s largest Sheriff’s Office. Together, these make me the best candidate for Harris County Sheriff and the most qualified candidate to represent you.

AUBREY R. TAYLOR: This comment was provided by Louis Guthrie for Your Thought Matters Newspaper readers heading into his 2012 Republican Primary runoff race for Harris County Sheriff.