A total of 16,110 Democrats have voted early in-person through the first four Days of Early Voting in Harris County, Texas According to Stan Stanart

According to Stan Stanart, the Harris County Clerk and Chief Election Official, 16,110 Democrats have gone to the polls to vote early through the first (4) four days of early voting. He also reports that 8,844 "MAIL-IN BALLOTS" have been returned thus far. So, a total of 24,954 early votes have been cast by Democrats to this point. Here are a few featured Democrats you should know: Andrew White, Randy Bates, Latosha Lewis Payne, Audrie Lawton, Linda M. Dunson, Adrian Garcia, Undrai F. Fizer, Lenard Polk, Terrance Shanks, Tahir Javed, Roslyn "Rozzy" Shorter, Raul Rodriguez, Kim Grant, Rabeea Collier, Angela Graves-Harrington, Scot "Dolli" Dollinger, Constance Jones, Margaret "Meg" Poissant, Toni Lewis, and Tracy D. Good. Sitting left to right: Harold Landreneau, and Joshua A. Butler are a few of the people featured on the Houston Business Connections Newspaper © Bulletin Board. Aubrey R. Taylor Communications is the publisher of this information. Call (832)212-8735 for more information. All Rights Reserved.

Friday, June 7, 2013

A "2013 LEADERSHIP SERIES SALUTE" Goes out to Trebor Gordon a candidate running for Houston City Council for the At-Large Position 2 seat in the November 2013 Houston Mayoral Election

Your Thought Matters Newspaper Readers:

I am a husband, father, minister, soldier, organizer, businessman, teacher, student and Houstonian. I am grateful to have called Houston my hometown for over 25 years and I possess an undying passion to see Houston become THE greatest city in the entire United States. This drives me to seek your vote on November 5th. As your representative, my diverse life experiences will uniquely enable me to make the often difficult decisions which are in the best interest of all Houstonians.

I’m prepared to be your “Voice” in City Hall and I’m personally requesting your vote for the Houston City Council At-large Position 2. Below you will see a brief synopsis of my life and understand why my qualifications along with my passion positions me to be YOUR VOICE for Houston City Council.

Military service in the United States Army

My service consists of seven (7) years in the U.S. Army Medical Corps from 1979 to 1986 and three (3) years in the U.S. Army Military Intelligence Corps from 1988 to1990. During this time I traveled the globe while fulfilling various roles including Combat Medic, Acting Sergeant, Sergeant E-5 (P), Intelligence Analyst and, Sr. intelligence Analyst.

I quickly learned the importance of teamwork, structure, and how to utilize systems, processes, and resources to accomplish my objectives. Each station I held assisted me in honing the qualities of discipline, planning, execution, communication, and critical thinking. I consistently performed under extreme stress and pressure. For example, in my role as a Sr. Intelligence Analyst, I briefed the Commanding General daily during Operation Desert Storm. Based on the vital intelligence my team provided, the Commanding General would make high-risk decisions affecting thousands of soldier’s lives. These experiences provided me with a clear sense of responsibility, the ability to remain above reproach, a unique understanding of the importance of following protocol, and a clear focus to provide key solutions for Houstonians. I will act during my time in service to my city with the same gravity, concentration, and discernment that I utilized during my time in service to my country.

The Importance of Family

Born in Louisville, KY in 1962, I grew up in a multicultural family raised by my single mother that worked up to three jobs in order to provide for us. She taught us, at an early age, the meaning of sacrifice, strong family values, and the concept that “actions have consequences” for which everyone must take responsibility. Because of her teachings I consider all angles of a situation to arrive at the best scenario for everyone involved. Due to my mother’s chronic illness, I was placed into a position of responsibility at the young age of 11, performing tasks such as balancing the family checkbook, grocery shopping, helping with maintenance around the house as well as being responsible for preserving order & peace among my siblings. While growing up, my family considered me the primary cohesive element, possessing the ability to empathize with everyone’s difficulties and position simultaneously. Being raised in an Anglo/African American household exposed me to perspectives and cultures true to form, preparing me thoroughly for the difficulties I would face in the real world while teaching me to embrace cultural diversity.

Now I have a family of my own. I have been happily married for 8 years to my wonderful wife, Melissa. Between us we have 7 beautiful children. Just as I ensure my family’s well being, education, safety and, development, I want all families in Houston to have the same sense of safety in their neighborhood, access to education and healthcare, and an avenue for future growth and opportunity.

My Church Life

I’ve been an active Christian for over 35 years. Currently I attend Central Canaan Christian Church. Formally, my duties in ministry began at Life Christian Center. There, I worked as the Worship Service Audio/Visual Supervisor (2005-2008). Currently, I attend Central Canaan Christian Church and I work as the Associate Pastor and Co-Administrator from 2008-2010, and the Sr. High & Young Adult Instructor since 2010. I am privileged to work in an advisory capacity to the Pastor and sit on the Board of Elders, aiding in execution of business negotiations on behalf of the church. I also appreciate the church as an outlet for community outreach, one of my greatest passions.

I strongly believe that HOUSTON is, in a sense, “One Big Family” and that it is critical for our city leadership to stand up for those who have no voice and to help those who are in need, I will be there for you and I will be your voice!