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Sunday, June 16, 2013

A "2013 LEADERSHIP SERIES SALUTE" Goes out to Yolanda Ford For Defeating Bobby Marshall in the Saturday, June 15, 2013 Runoff Election for the Missouri City Council District A seat

"Yolanda Ford handily defeated incumbent Bobby Marshall in their Saturday, June 15, 2013 Missouri City Council District A Runoff Election. The returns won't officially be canvassed until Monday, June 24, 2013. We congratulate Council Member Elect Yolanda Ford on gaining 59.45% of the vote to defeat Bobby Marshall. Marshall could only muster 40.55% in his quest to hold onto his seat. Council Member Elect Yolanda Ford will officially be sworn in at the Missouri City Council District A Council Member on Monday, July 1, 2013 at 7:00 p.m." -- Aubrey


ELECTION UPDATE: Yolanda Ford Handily Defeats Bobby Marshall in the Saturday, June 15, 2013 Missouri City Council District A Runoff  


Urban planner and land development professional, Yolanda Ford, has declared her candidacy for the Missouri City City Council – District A seat.

“It is time for better growth and experienced leadership that can identify with District A’s constituents. Our community, currently being represented by an all male council, should be represented by both men and women.”

“For the first time in many years, voters can elect a community leader that is experienced and educated in community development, city policy and who will actively advocate for improved quality of life for District A’s residents.”

Ford has been a resident of Missouri City for 35 years. Her professional experience includes more than 14 years of working in community development, urban planning, architecture, construction, government contract management and city policy for municipalities and nonprofit entities. She has a master of architecture degree and she is currently a land development specialist for a local nonprofit where she focuses on land acquisition, construction management and government contract procurement.

Ford states that District A needs a candidate who understands beneficial development that will increase property values and improve the quality of life for all residents. She stated she wants to focus on economic development, engaging residents and building relationships with school districts which she believes will assist in encouraging involvement and developing a family oriented community. Ford wants voters to know she is the strong, energetic leader with knowledge that is needed to make District A the community residents expect and deserve. She states more than half of our residents are of female gender, but currently there are no women on council. Ford says a city should have representation from both men and women alike.

Ford has experience and various excellent working relationships with professionals in transit authorities, metropolitan planning organizations, departments of transportation, utility companies, developers, contractors, city officials, city staff, neighborhood associations and other entities that are essential to getting issues with sidewalks, streets and neighborhoods resolved quickly. Since she was once a former city planner for the City of Missouri City, her understanding of Missouri City policy, planning and economic development will be essential in reviving Texas Parkway, working with TX DOT to alter some of the newly implemented road improvements along Texas Parkway and bringing in better development for District A.

“The economic development I want to bring into District A is substantial. My development plan will take a methodological approach and seek residents for their input and ideas. It will improve residential neighborhoods, grow Highway 90A, create jobs, businesses and retail locations along District A’s major corridors so that District A is a safe, vivacious community for everyone to enjoy.  No longer will residents need to drive into another city to shop for basic necessities.”

Ford has listed her phone number for any voter in District A and Missouri City to call her. She would like to hear from voters and welcomes any questions, comments and ideas.

“It is never too early to start learning about your candidates,” states Ford. “And using that knowledge to vote is the most powerful way for citizens to be heard and make their community a better place to live.”

"Aubrey R. Taylor Communication, the publisher of Your Thought Matters Newspaper would like to Congratulate Yolanda Ford for not giving up on her dream of becoming a District A Missouri City Council Member." -- Aubrey


"You Are Invited To Attend This Event"

COME JOIN US ON SATURDAY, JUNE 22, 2013: Houston Businesswoman Stephanie Boutte-Phillips, the founder of (H-TEC) Houston's Training and Education Center is being recognized for her (more than 17) years of service provided to veterans, the homeless, and those oftentimes overlooked (deemed under-served) in the Houston community. This event will be held at 7:00 p.m. at The Museum District Bistro & Lounge located at 1112 Southmore Boulevard, Houston, Texas 77004.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND THIS EVENT: Community Leaders, Corporate Leaders, Public Servants, Small Business Leaders, Candidates participating in the 2013 Mayoral Election in Houson, and friends of Stephanie Boutte-Phillips.

WHAT YOU SHOULD BRING TO THIS EVENT: There will be a networking session, so bring plenty of business cards. And be prepared to have your photo taken. Photos taken will be similar to the "2013 Highlights" photos below of a recent campaign event for Ben Hall, a candidate running for Mayor of Houston in the 2013 Mayoral Election.

WHAT YOU SHOULD WEAR TO THIS EVENT: Attendees will have action photos taken during this event. So business attire is required. The photos taken will be published as part of the “2013 LEADERSHIP SERIES” inside the July 2013 issue of Your Thought Matters Newspaper at no charge to all attendees present at this event

COST TO ATTEND THIS EVENT: There is no cost to attend this event. However, some of the veterans and other students who attend Houston Training & Education Center are homeless and need assistance with supplies -- so we are asking attendees to donate a minimum of $20 dollars at the door.

THE DEADLINE: Please RSVP for this event by calling (281)219-3305 before 5:00 PM on June 20, 2013. Leaders who don't RSVP can still attend this event.

Stephanie Boutte-Phillips is a "Businesswoman on the Move" Who Cares about Veterans, The Homeless & The Houston Community

By Aubrey R. Taylor
Publisher of Your Thought Matters Newspaper

Stephanie Boutte-Phillips is the founder of (HTEC) Houston’s Training & Education Centers, and she knows a thing or two about what it means to fight battles. She’s been fighting to beat the odds all her life. You see, Boutte-Phillips was born and raised in a little town called Opelousas, Louisiana to a teenage mother and father who pretty much left the responsibility of raising her on the shoulders of her elderly grandmother and grandfather. “As a child growing up I can remember starving at the end of the month because of a lack of food. But not having enough was a normal thing, because most of the kids I went to school with either lived alone with their grandparents or with (their parents) who were also living with their grandparents,” Boutte-Phillips explains. “But one of the things I remember the most about growing up with my grandparents was that they were honorable people. My grandfather, would say, “It doesn’t matter how much money you have, if your name and word doesn’t mean anything, then you’re nothing,” says Boutte-Phillips.

The event taking place on Saturday, June 22, 2013 to honor Stephanie Boutte-Phillips is being hosted by the Museum District Bistro and Lounge. Your Thought Matters Newspaper will be covering this event and featuring those in attendance on our blog and inside our newspaper beginning on Tuesday, June 25, 2013.


Stephanie Boutte-Phillips is the young lady pictured (under the photo of Mayor Annise D. Parker) on the cover of "Part One" of our "2013 LEADERSHIP SERIES". You can click the newspaper or the Fox 26 News video for more information on Stephanie Boutte-Phillips and Hosuton's Training & Education Center.

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