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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

2013 MAYORAL ELECTION: Scenes from the 2013 Mayoral Election Campaign Trail with Ben Hall, a candidate running for Mayor of Houston on the Tuesday, November 5, 2013 ballot

"On Tuesday, November 5, 2013 Houstonians will be going to the polls to decide who is best suited to move Houston forward for the next few years. So to this end, Aubrey R. Taylor Communication, the publisher of Your Thought Matters Newspaper, as part of our mission to inspire our readers to be active participants in the process of deciding who governs over us will be focusing more attention than ever before on the 2013 Mayoral Election in Houston, Texas. Here are a few images recently shared with us from the Ben Hall for Houston Mayor Campaign. Images of people from different ethnic backgrounds working together toward a common objective are too often overshadowed by negative campaign ads and campaigning. Thanks for giving us all an inside look into your campaign Mr. Ben Hall. And for all of you out there who are in need of a few reasons why you should vote in the 2013 Mayoral Election in Houston, please check out the special page we've added to the blog with shared thoughts from a few very special people whom I have a great deal of respect for." -- Aubrey 

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Above: On the Campaign Trail with 2013 Candidate for Houston Mayor -- Ben Hall 

Above: On the Campaign Trail with 2013 Candidate for Houston Mayor -- Ben Hall 

Above: On the Campaign Trail with 2013 Candidate for Houston Mayor -- Ben Hall 

Above: On the Campaign Trail with 2013 Candidate for Houston Mayor -- Ben Hall 

Above: On the Campaign Trail with 2013 Candidate for Houston Mayor -- Ben Hall 

Above: On the Campaign Trail with 2013 Candidate for Houston Mayor -- Ben Hall 


Born into a family of meager financial means, Benjamin Hall, III has experienced firsthand the struggle that accompanies difficult economic times. Ben also encountered challenges in the academic world, where teachers doubted his ability to rise above his humble beginnings and achieve higher education; however, he knew he had the potential to succeed and refused to compromise his goals. In 1975, Ben enrolled at the University of South Carolina, where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1977, with honors. His thirst for knowledge and desire to help others led him to continue his education at Duke University; obtaining a Master of Divinity degree in 1979 and a Ph.D. in 1985. Others might have stopped at that point, but Ben saw a real opportunity to help underrepresented communities as an attorney. In 1986, Ben earned a law degree from Harvard Law School and began working at the Vinson & Elkins law firm in Houston, Texas. He went on to serve as the City Attorney for the City of Houston in Mayor Bob Lanier’s administration.

Through his legal practice, Ben has applied the principles of courage, tenacity and justice that he learned as a young man; speaking out on behalf of those who need a strong voice to champion their causes. In 2000, Ben founded the nationally recognized Hall Law Firm. Additionally, Ben has served the Houston community through his numerous pro bono efforts on behalf of groups, corporations and individuals in need of representation.

Ben is grateful for his professional successes, but also recognizes his personal blessings. He describes his family as his greatest treasure. Ben and Saundra, his wife of 31 years, have two sons. The entire Hall family remains committed to serving the Houston community.

Leadership with Vision

Houston is a great city – rich in diversity, talent and potential. Our collective future can be brighter than our past.

Houston needs a mayor who is more than a manager; it needs a world-class leader with vision. We also need a leader with the energetic ability to tackle broad issues and implement meaningful change. Rome was not built in a day, but it also was not built by tinkering with food carts and small matters. We have a choice to make in November between mere management and leadership with vision.

Houstonians believe in fair play for all. This is one of our great strengths. We also believe in the power of fresh ideas and forward-looking policies. We believe that government should not act as a barrier to success, but as a catalyst to achieve it. Government must be business-friendly, while still protecting our prized individual liberties. Through the application of new technologies, entrepreneurial governance, and innovative leadership, Houston can expand its position as a global business capital.

Ben Hall on Crime

Criminal conduct will not be tolerated in Houston! Criminals will be arrested and punished to the fullest extent of the law. For those offenders convicted of non-violent crimes, I will seek to have them give back to our community by mowing overgrown lots and cleaning illegally dumped trash from streets and waterways. Those non-violent criminals should actively pay their debt to society, rather than sit idly in jail, watching television at the additional expense of taxpayers.

Ben Hall on Education

Our future as a world-class city depends on a superb educational system and no one – especially not a mayor – can remain silent on this pressing issue. As mayor, I will use my office to set a tone of excellence in education and will work to achieve that goal through collaborative efforts with area school districts. We have the teachers, staff and civic leaders to turn around any real or perceived issues with educating the next generation of Houstonians. I believe city government has a responsibility to assist school districts in increasing the number of educational opportunities for students. As mayor, I will work with Houston’s school districts to help them create the best educational experience for our students, advancing pragmatic city/school district initiatives to integrate education with real world business experiences. This will be a top priority item for my administration.

Ben Hall on Transportation

Houston’s transportation issues can only be fully addressed through a combination of planning and transit options. Automotive travel is here to stay, but we must also promote shared transit ridership through expanded high-occupancy vehicle lanes, better bus access, smart rail options, and other transit innovations. Additionally, Houston’s city government must plan and work with TXDOT to coordinate travel patterns through and around the city. Better transportation practices and policies do more than reduce congestion on the highways; they also assist with air quality issues, making Houston safer and even more enjoyable.

Ben Hall on Downtown

Our downtown is a vibrant business district with an impressive array of world-class companies, restaurants, and hotels. I envision an active downtown where more people will want to live, work and play. At the same time, I hope to channel the energy of that bustling city center to attract a greater number of international conventions and increase the level of downtown tourism. My administration will actively encourage the development of a thriving downtown shopping and entertainment center by fostering innovative public-private partnerships. In that way, we will work to encourage the development of a larger retail business footprint downtown.

Ben Hall on Infrastructure/Road Repairs

Houston’s roads must be repaired and upgraded immediately! A Hall administration will implement the latest technologies available to allow citizens to self-report road problems and track the city’s response and repairs in real-time on your computers or cell phones. We will also explore new technologies to fortify roadway repairs and end the costly practice of repeatedly refilling the same potholes. Repairing city roads will be job-one-on-day-one of the Hall administration.

Ben Hall on Drainage

As a city that has always stood at the forefront of engineering and science, Houston has the capacity to develop a cutting-edge drainage system that can handle surface water. Flooding should not be a recurring problem in this world-class city. By challenging the current approach and employing innovative drainage solutions, we will dramatically improve the way we handle storm water and flooding in our city.

Ben Hall on Diversity

In Houston, we find people from every continent, ethnicity and belief system. We applaud our respective heritages and are all made better by the great span of our cultures and diversity. As Mayor, I will continue the proud tradition of showcasing the impressive intercultural acceptance that has made Houston strong.