Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Art Smith Explains How Ballot Harvesting Schemes Work in Harris County as Carmen and Aubrey Listens Intently to Him

Fifth Ward native Arthur "Art" Smith, joins Carmen Maria Montiel's "BLOCK WALKING TEAM" on Sunday, September 18, 2022, in Fourth Ward (Freedman's Town), to give her a few pointers. Carmen Maria Montiel is facing off against Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, in the race for the 18th Congressional District of Texas, on Tuesday, November 8, 2022, in Texas.

Art Smith believes that Carmen Maria Montiel is a woman of action. "I plan to work hard to help Carmen defeat Sheila Jackson Lee if given the opportunity to fully support her in 5th Ward, Texas," he says.

Art Explains How the Mail Ballot Harvesting Game Works in Harris County, Texas to Carmen Maria Montiel As Aubrey Listens


Arthur "Art" Smith, he was born and raised in Harris County, Texas. "Everyone who truly knows me, knows that I am the originator/creator of the first ever "BORN AND RAISED IN 5TH WARD TEXAS" t-shirt way back in 1993," says Art. 

"In 1994, I designed a t-shirt that was drawn out on paper with the caption, 'KNOWLEDGE IS POWER' on the front, and 'I BELIEVE IN ME AND MY FUTURE...I WON'T QUIT!!!' on the back. 

According to Art, "Later that same year, I met Sheila Jackson Lee, who was a former Houston City Councilwoman at the time," he explains. "When I approached her and introduced myself -- after she had finished speaking at Mount Corinth Missionary Baptist Church, she seemed to take a liking to what I was doing at the time."


"I vividly remember asking Sheila Jackson Lee to allow me to show her my new idea for my t-shirt business," Art explains. "I told her all about how I was going to do one t-shirt at a time to build my business."

Back in 1994, during the time period, Art is speaking of, Sheila Jackson Lee was running for the 18th Congressional District against United States Congressman Craig Washington, who she defeated in March of 1994, by garnering 63 percent of the vote, while Washington only received 37 percent of the vote. Anyways, according to Art, his by-chance meeting with Sheila Jackson Lee ended with him being invited to her fundraiser and "KICK-OFF" for the 18th Congressional District that was being held later that day off Main Street, in Houston, Texas.

"She said, 'I want you to be there, and I need you to keep on that nice suit," he said. He explains how he eventually ended up stuffing envelopes, making phone calls, and working the polls of Jensen Drive, and other places to help Sheila Jackson Lee win her showdown against Congressman Craig Washington back during the 1994 Democratic Party Primary. "I was the very first person to speak at her "CAMPAIGN KICK-OFF" back then," he says.

"Till this day, I am not mad at Sheila. I'm not upset with Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee," he explains. "All I know is that I never switched up, and I always kept my word."

"I'm telling you, all I know is that I never (ever) gave her my word and my actions did not back up my word, but I can't say the same for her," said the 5th Ward native.

Art goes on to explain, "The same way that I helped Sheila Jackson Lee from day one, is the same tireless energy that I plan to put on the line to help Carmen Maria Montiel, defeat Congresswoman Lee," he explains.


Art and his wife Koffey Smith are two of the strongest voices coming out of 5th Ward, Texas. And according to Art, he's prepared to use his voice to help Carmen Maria Montiel, defeat Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee on Tuesday, November 8, 2022, in the Midterm Election.


"Carmen is someone whom I've done my own personal "HOMEWORK AND RESEARCH" on," says Arthur J. Smith. "I've been able to talk to sever people who know her personally."

"Here in 5th Ward, we have been able to overcome a lot of things."

"While I was out block-waking with Carmen last Sunday, in 4th Ward, she explained her desire to come to 5th Ward, and I'm all for that," he says. "She also expressed a desire to come to 5th Ward to see our "VOTE AND LIVE MURAL" that we speak so proudly of."

"While our building is still a work in progress, I would love for Carmen and other candidates to come by and hang out with us." He went on to explain how he believes that Carmen Maria Montiel is a woman of action and that he's throwing his full support behind her in the coming election. 

"I look forward to asking her some serious 'on-the-spot-questions' via 5th Ward Live TV...via Facebook, as soon as she stops by our "VOTE AND LIVE" center. So please stay tuned," he says.

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