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Concerns that a 'Hit Job" May have Been Ordered on Judge Brittanye Morris to Get Her Removed from the Bench Have Now Surfaced

Community Activist Quanell X (left), and Gerry Wayne Monroe, “THE 5 STAR GENERAL,” (right) have both expressed deep concerns to Houston Business Connection Newspaper©, that a “HIT JOB” may have been ordered on Judge Brittanye Morris (center), the presiding judge for the 333rd Civil District Court in Harris County, Texas. Both believe that the attacks on Judge Morris are part of a much broader plot aimed at purging Harris County, Texas of judges, and other elected officials who do not kiss-the-ring of local party bosses.

Several Black Leaders, Including ‘5 Star’ and Minister Quanell X are Very Concerned that a ‘Hit Job’ May Have Been Ordered


Last week I received a phone call from Minister Quanell X and several other local “BLACK LEADERS” about a story I republished that was sent to me by award-winning investigative reporter Wayne Dolcefino. While I disagree with some of the assertions made by Minister Quanell X, a lot of what he said made a lot of sense to me. Especially, after I took a moment over the weekend to review a large swath of documents he sent me as supportive evidence to back up his assertions. Then on last night, Tuesday, February 2, 2021, while watching “THE WAR ZONE” that’s hosted by Gerry Wayne Monroe, “THE 5 STAR GENERAL” and his co-hosts Demetra Kay and Donovan Saadiq,  I heard ‘5 Star’ make the claim that Judge Brittanye Morris, the presiding judge for the 333rd Civil District Court in Harris County, Texas may be under attack by some folks who are not only trying to get her thrown off the bench; but are trying to also “MUDDY THE WATERS” (so to speak) as we head into the upcoming 2022 Midterm Election cycle. So, I have decided to create a “LETTER TO THE EDITOR” section to provide the readers of Houston Business Connections Newspaper©, with the ability to share their thoughts openly without fear of retaliation from anyone. My only request is that you make sure that your “LETTER TO THE EDITOR” is factual, verifiable and has your contact information, i.e., phone number and email address attached to it for verification purposes only.

"It has been brought to my attention by Gerry Wayne Monroe, "THE 5 STAR GENERAL" that the attacks on Judge Brittanye Morris could possibly be some sort of 'HIT JOB' by folks who want to see her removed from the bench by any means necessary. That being said, Minister Quanell X has also expressed concerns that he believes that the attacks on Judge Brittanye Morris could be part of some sort of scheme to purge "BLACK JUDGES" from the bench in Harris County, Texas."
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My email address is for all of you who may not have it already. So, from now through Tuesday, November 8, 2022, the date when our “2022 Midterm Election will be held in America, I will publish, free of charge an “LETTER TO THE EDITOR” I receive that provides my readers with information that will assist them in their ability to make a quality decision at the voting booth. And yes, you can send your “LETTER TO THE EDITOR” anonymously if you are a acting as a “WHISTLE-BLOWER” and, or, if you are afraid someone will retaliate against you in any sort of way. In fact, I have already received an “ANONYMOUS LETTER TO THE EDITOR” in defense of Judge Brittanye Morris from one of my readers. I received this letter last week from one of my readers who respectfully asked me not to publish their name publicly – and I am honoring their request.

(Received on Friday, January 30, 2021)

Fabricated evidence to discredit newly-elected Judge Brittanye Morris and false allegations of a murder-for-hire purportedly to be carried out by activist Quanell X are new twists in a seemingly, unending decade-old lawsuit in Harris County civil court.

Buckle your seatbelt. This is a wild ride with a cast of characters including former ABC 13 investigative reporter Wayne Dolcefino.

At the center sits new jurist Brittanye Morris of the 333rd Civil District Court in Harris County and efforts to besmirch the reputation of this educated and competent Black woman. She’s been recused from the case based, in large part, on information from a two-time felon – a white man named Christopher Wyatt who also sometimes goes by the criminal alias Jonathan Lawrence Sanders.

Switch the scenario: In what world would a Black, two-time felon’s word carry more weight than the testimony of a duly-elected white judge?

In this era of anti-racism and equity, some people can’t bear the thought or reality of sitting before a Black woman judge and will drag her name through the mud the first month she’s on the bench.

Some background: In 2012, Ali Mokaram sued prominent developer Ali Choudhri over control of the Beal Bank commercial office mid-rise on the corner of 610 West Loop and Westheimer also known as the Mokaram Building. Mokaram business partner Osama Abdullatif later intervened as a party in the lawsuit, mostly opposing Choudhri, president of Jetall Companies, Inc.

Judge Daryl Moore ordered the case to arbitration before he was voted off the bench last year.

Judge Morris, a graduate of the Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University, convincingly won the Democratic primary for the 333rd Civil District Court 61% to 39% against incumbent Moore, a white man, in March 2020. She was unopposed in the Nov. 3 general election.

There have been efforts to keep her off the bench since she beat Moore in the primary.

In April 2020, prominent lawyer Steve Kherkher filed a petition with the Texas Fourteenth Court of Appeals requesting that the court compel Harris County Democratic Party Chair Lillie Schechter to declare Judge Morris ineligible for the November ballot because she didn’t meet residency requirements. Schechter determined that the accusation wasn’t true and the court threw out the case in June 2020. Kherkher, a Democratic Party donor who contributed to Moore’s campaign, also has represented Choudhri’s ex-wife, Hira Azhar, in divorce proceedings.

Apparently, Black women who play by the rules and best fellow Democrats in the political game are somehow still undeserving of their rightful places.

Shortly after Judge Morris assumed office on Jan. 1, 2021, another effort to discredit her began in court documents and digital “hit jobs” produced by Dolcefino, who now runs Dolcefino Consulting as an investigative consultant.

Almost immediately, Mokaram and Abdullatif wanted Judge Morris off the case. They raised allegations of conflict of interest. Mokaram filed a motion to recuse on Jan. 8, a week after Judge Morris began her tenure in the 333rd court. Abdullatif filed a motion to recuse the judge a week later.

So far, Dolcefino has created two cleverly crafted videos that raise questions about Judge Morris without presenting all the facts, which would contradict or clear up those claims.

The allegations didn’t scare Judge Morris. On Jan. 20, she declined to recused herself voluntarily and referred the requests to Chief Judge Susan Brown.

The motions to recuse, raised questions about Judge Morris’ impartiality with outrageous false claims. Mokaram’s attorneys filed documents accusing the judge of previously helping Choudhri and his businesses with legal matters.

Those allegations rest on the word of Wyatt, a former chief operating officer of Jetall, who purported to have text messages from late 2020 between him and Judge Morris. The authenticity of those messages has yet to be verified. Wyatt later made wild accusations against Quanell X.

Wyatt has been discredited in court documents by Mokaram and Choudhri.

Mokaram’s attorneys claimed Wyatt was acting on Choudhri’s behalf during arbitration and that Morris was assisting them.

Choudhri rejects that claim and Wyatt’s credibility. In a sworn affidavit on Jan. 11, Choudhri said Morris has “never been engaged, retained, paid, or officially made an appearance on behalf of Jetall … or any other entity that I own or control.” (This statement is supported by Harris County court records.) The company also discovered Wyatt’s criminal record late last year. According to Choudhri’s filing, Wyatt demanded ransom money in exchange for not releasing confidential Jetall documents to Choudhri’s adversaries.

On Jan. 8, Choudhri’s lawyers filed an emergency motion to stay proceedings after connecting the dots between Wyatt’s alleged threat to release of company information and lies that racially profiled Quanell X as a “Black Panther hit man” hired by Choudhri to target Abdullatif.

Sondra Clark, HPD’s custodian of records, released HPD documents related to Abdullatif from September 1, 2020 to Jan. 21, 2021 that appear in court records and serve to dismiss the Quanell X hit job story as a hoax.

Quanell filed three affidavits in the case to defend himself and a meeting with Abdullatif. In them, he asserts that Dolcefino told him he’d been hired by Abdullatif and gave him 24 hours to produce evidence of Quanell’s meeting with Abdullatif or “he would go to war with me,” Quanell said in the affidavit. Additionally, Quanell reveals that Abdullatif had been told that Quanell has been hired by Choudhri to kill him. That information came from Wyatt, the affidavit said.

“Since this was obviously false, I spoke with officers from the Houston Police Department concerning these allegations and they confirmed to me that they had dismissed Wyatt’s false accusations against me and Choudhri as a hoax,” one affidavit said.

Quanell’s also swore out that he’d previously been told by Dolcefino that Judge Morris was too young, too incompetent and only on the bench because she was Black and ran as a Democrat in Harris County.

Additionally, Quanell swore out that he believes Abdullatif used Dolcefino and Wyatt to assist in making the case for Morris’ recusal and have the case moved to another Harris County judge he felt would be more favorable to him.

“I am providing this Declaration because I am outraged that such a sinister plot has been hatched against a promising young Black woman of integrity who has just assumed the bench. I have also learned that Wayne Dolcefino has physically gone to the Harris County courthouse to, on the information and belief of what he did to me described above, to intimidate and harass Judge Morris under the guide of ‘reporting’ that he has been paid to do by Abdullatif,” an affidavit said.

In Abdullatif’s deposition on Dec. 15, 2020, he declined to answer questions about whether he met with Dolcefino to discuss Choudhri, paid Dolcefino or his company in connection to anything related to Choudhri or whether he paid Dolcefino to create stories or publicity related to Choudhri.

This is a crazy story of manufactured information – outright lies – against many people, but the main orchestrated effort is to discredit Judge Morris, who has complied with the standards of judicial conduct in Texas.

Chief Judge Susan Brown, presiding judge of the Eleventh Judicial Region of Texas, signed orders on Jan. 25 granting both motions to recuse Morris from this long-running case.

These orders should be thrown out immediately to restore Judge Morris’ fine reputation.

Gerry Wayne Monroe the "5 STAR GENERAL" will be featured as a "2021 Modern-Day Trailblazer" in our upcoming "Proud Americans Celebrating Freedom Together" series for his tireless commitment to exposing "PUBLIC CORRUPTION" and dedication to speaking up for people who can't do so for themselves.

The 5 Star General Will to Be Recognized as a "2021 Modern-Day Trailblazer" in February


I would like to take this moment to thank Gerry Wayne Monroe and announce that we will be recognizing “THE 5 STAR GENERAL” in “PART ONE” of our “Proud Americans Celebrating Freedom Together” series for his many years of dedication and commitment to exposing corruption and speaking up for those who in many cases aren’t able to do so for themselves. In case you don’t know him, Gerry Wayne Monroe “THE 5 STAR GENERAL” is a lifelong resident of Houston, Texas. ‘5 STAR’ was born and raised in the historic 3rd Ward in Houston, Texas. He graduated from high school back in 1986, from Jack Yates Sr. High School. For those of you who don’t know, ‘5 STAR’ is also a member of the 1985 Jack Yates Championship Football team. And get this, after a by chance meeting with investigative reporter Wayne Dolcefino, or what media mogul Oprah Winfrey calls an “AHAH MOMENT” he started Monroe Consultations. His firm specializes in Education advocacy and political consulting. And for the past 8 years Monroe has taken on well over 195 assignments, and (according to him) has solved every issue that he’s touched. “My specialty is holding elected officials accountable. And in accordance with my goal to do so, I recently went back to further my education in the area of Criminal Justice and recently graduated from Center Texas College,” he says. Thru his community and civic engagement, he's helped thousands of kids and community members regain the hope that they lost – I’ve seen this first hand.

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I’m the President/CEO of Aubrey R. Taylor Communications, the publisher of Houston Business Connections Newspaper©. In case you don’t know, I have 30-years of experience in marketing, branding, investigative reporting, public relations, opposition research, and political consulting. I’ve assisted in branding Republican and Democratic candidates in statewide elections and local municipalities throughout the State of Texas. Over the years, I’ve also assisted in branding and marketing (through my various publications) such corporations and institutions as Shell Oil, The City of Houston, Texas A&M University, Texas Southern University, Prairie View A&M University, Chevron, Waste Management, Nationwide Insurance, Momentum Jaguar/BMW, Channel 11, Channel 13, State Farm Insurance, and Allstate Insurance to name a few. 


I would have you to know that not everyone who has been accused of a crime or enters a guilty plea in connection with a crime is guilty of the crime they're accused of committing. Neither is everyone who goes to trial to fight charges that are leveled against them and get's convicted are guilty. Look, over the years, some very bad things have happened to people of color in our criminal justice system. So to this end, please understand, that during my career, I’ve gone into the Harris County Jail and Texas prisons on numerous occasions (on secret assignments) working in conjunction with the owner of one of the largest locally owned private security, and investigations firms. The man who was funding my investigations back then (who mysteriously died) also was the godfather of one of my sons, and the backer of one of my publications. That being said, I can straight-faced assure you that I’ve seen some of the injustices that are occurring in the Texas penal system up close and personal. While on the inside, I interviewed (face-to-face) some of the hardest criminals you can imagine for my research. I also discovered first-hand that many of the people who should be locked up are walking around free, and not all of those who are locked behind bars are guilty of the crimes that they, in some cases pleaded guilty to – for whatever reason. So, let me assure you that I know a criminal when I see one. And we have a handful of local elected officials who are straight-criminals and must be stopped!!!


Based on my direct observations over the years, I can attest to the fact that our current criminal justice system is more about “HAVE’S AND HAVE NOT’S” to a greater degree than most people realize.  That being said, sure, in some cases, the skin color of the person being accused of a crime plays a role in who gets indicted and eventually convicted of crimes and those who go free. However, at the end of the day, from observing the system from the inside, and out; having money, good legal representation and access to influential people are unfortunately key determining factors when it comes to who will spend the rest of their life walking around with an “X” on their back and who doesn’t. So, to this end, we must endeavor to change our criminal justice system and political landscape by “TAKING POLITICS OUT” of the way our judges are selected in the Lone Star State – that’s very important to me! Have you ever taken a moment to look at all of the people who have been wrongfully convicted of crimes?

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