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Governor Greg Abbott, Judges Steven Kirkland, Maria T. Jackson, Ramona Franklin, and R.K Sandill are 2018 Candidates

Deshaun Watson, James Harden, Michelle Obama, Ellen Degeneres, Governor Greg Abbott, Judge Steven Kirkland, Judge Maria T. Jackson, Judge Ramona Franklin, Attorney Kathy Cheng, Judge R.K. Sandill, Dr. Letitia Plummer, and Attorney Audrie Lawton are the people featured on the cover of this edition of Houston Business Connections Magazine© Ground-Game. This magazine is published by Aubrey R. Taylor Communications. Call (832)212-8735 for more information. All Rights Reserved.


Do you believe in second chances? Many people don’t believe in granting second chances – that is, until they’re the one in need of one. Look, sometimes, the jolt a person who appears to be a lost cause needs to get their life on the right track isn’t found on “THE RAILROAD TO PRISON”, nor should it be administered by the “ELECTRONIC SHOCKWAVE SENT THROUGH A HUMAN BEINGS BODY” from the end of a taser’s probes prematurely deployed by a trigger-happy protector of freedom and justice. Nope, in some cases, what some wayward individuals need is a tough, caring, and stern public servant -- a compassionate, yet authoritative figure to show them that someone out there cares about them and the root cause of their troubles. Now, that doesn’t mean that every hardened criminal should get a get-out-of-jail-free-card. But it does indicate that better discernment could possibly be used when determining sentencing options. Such was the case when the path of Judge Maria T. Jackson and Mr. Patrick Moore’s intersected in a Harris County courtroom over 8-years ago. But don’t take our word for it. In the body of this report you will be afforded the opportunity to read the heartwarming words sent to Judge Jackson by Mr. Moore after getting his life on the right track – after being granted a new lease on life by this stern – yet compassionate judge.


“What Texas needs right now is a rebranding of sorts,” explains Aubrey R. Taylor, publisher of Houston Business Connections Magazine©. “I believe that Texans from all walks of life are tired of the divisiveness, and actually would like to see our elected officials work together across party lines to get things done for the betterment of us all,” he says. “ To achieve this, we Texans don’t need to be TEXAS-TWO-STEPPIN’ into voting booths and blindly casting ballots for Republicans or Democrats anymore anyways…GOD FEARING PEOPLE who are unafraid to wield their power in a compassionate manner is what we need going forward!” According to Taylor, this is perhaps the single most compelling reason why “ALL” Texans need to elect “FIRM, YET COMPASSIONATE FELLOW TEXANS” into positions of authority at all levels in the upcoming “2018 MIDTERM ELECTION”. He says, electing compassionate candidates who truly understand their power, and have the courage to put their God-given discernment to work when carrying out the duties they’ve been duly elected to perform while handling the people’s business is imperative. 


Some judges literally hold the power of life and death in their hands. Yet, oftentimes, these “SERVANTS OF GOD ALMIGHTY” are the least known candidates on the ballot in any given election cycle -- but this needs to change – and it needs to change quickly. Especially since in a few short years, no Texan will be able to vote a straight-party-ticket. This means, that every candidate on the ballot in Texas (including judges) must build their own individual name (I.D.) identification beyond their political party base – and they must also develop a platform that lends itself to providing Texans with a strong and very compelling reason for them to navigate their way down the ballot to cast a vote for their candidacy. So just in case you haven’t already heard, effective on September 1, 2020, the practice of voting a straight-ticket will no longer be allowed in the Lone Star State. “To be sure, nobody knows exactly what’s going to happen in 2020 when straight-ticket voting is no longer an option – and yes, that’s when President Donald Trump will be up for re-election,” says Taylor. “President Trump is a story for another day. And so is House Bill 25 – both are game-changers, but neither should be our primary focus at this time. Our attention should be focused on “THE HERE AND NOW”, and on two very important election dates – which happen to be: Tuesday, March 6, 2018, and Tuesday, November 6, 2018,” he says. “Tuesday, March 6, 2018, is the date when our two major political parties in Texas will be electing their nominees who will appear on Tuesday, November 6, 2018, General Midterm Election ballot. And in case you’re wondering, nearly every race will be contested in 2018 in the Lone Star State – SO LET’S FOCUS OUR UNDIVIDED ATTENTION ON “THE HERE AND NOW”.



As you prepare to make a wise voting decision in 2018, please keep in mind that no Democrat has won a statewide election in Texas since 1994. Also keep in mind that according to the Republican Party of Texas’ website, the people of Texas have entrusted Republicans with the stewardship of every statewide elected office and majorities in the state senate, state house and on the state board of education. Republicans currently have majorities in 107 Texas counties that contain nearly two-thirds of the state’s population. But could 2018 be “THE YEAR OF NOW” for Texas Democrats? These are a few of the “2018 DEMOCRATIC TRAILBLAZERS” running statewide in Texas who are hoping for 2018 to be “THE YEAR OF NOW” for the Democratic Party: Judge Steven Kirkland currently serves as Presiding Judge for the 334th Civil District Court; but he’s running for Justice of the Texas Supreme Court for Place 2 on Tuesday, November 6, 2018 against incumbent Republican Judge Jimmy Blacklock; Judge Maria T. Jackson currently serves as Presiding Judge for the 339th Criminal District Court; but she’s running for Presiding Judge of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals for Place 1 against either Republican Judge David Bridges or the Republican incumbent Presiding Judge Sharon Keller on Tuesday, November 6, 2018 – depending on which candidate wins the Tuesday, March 6, 2018 Republican Party Primary; Attorney Kathy Cheng is a first generation Asian American, who happens to be running for Justice of the Supreme Court for Place 6 against incumbent Republican Judge Jeff Brown on Tuesday, November 6, 2018; Judge Ramona Franklin currently serves as Presiding Judge for the 338th Criminal District Court; but she’s running for Judge of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals for Place 7 against incumbent Republican Judge Barbara Parker Hervey on Tuesday, November 6, 2018, and finally, Judge R.K. Sandill currently serves as Presiding Judge for the 127th Civil District Court; but he’s running for Justice of the Supreme Court for Place 4 against incumbent Republican Judge John Devine on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. Please note that none of the aforementioned Democratic challengers will have to give up their current benches to run for higher office on Tuesday, November 6, 2018, General Midterm Election in Texas.


“In 2018 Houston Business Connections Magazine© will be spotlighting fair, impartial, firm, and compassionate judicial, congressional, and legislative candidates. People who value the vote, prayers, and support of “All” registered Texas voters are the ones we’re looking for,” says Taylor.


Judge Maria T. Jackson exemplifies the true essence of what it means to be a “TRAILBLAZER”. She is one of the toughest District Judges in Harris County, Texas -- from either major political party. She’s handed down some of the harshest sentences of any District Judge in the county – but she’s also displayed a measure of compassion as she administers even-handed justice on behalf of the people of our great state. “What I love most about Judge Maria T. Jackson is that she is definitely tough, but she also has a very compassionate and endearing side that tends to go unnoticed sometimes. She’s a judge who believes in giving people a second chance,” says Taylor. “We need more judges from both major political parties in Texas to use their discretion similar to what she’s doing, to help people “GET OFF THE WRONG TRACK” and onto the right one to turn their lives around,” he explains. “Some of these judges in Texas are treating wayward citizens like a number, and simply shuffling them through the oftentimes unfair and biased criminal justice system like slaves being sent off to work the master’s plantation – pigs being sent off to slaughter if you will,” proclaims Taylor. “Being tough on crime is one thing, but a judge using their power to impact people’s lives in a way that compels them to change for the better takes a unique skill set,” he says. “Giving a second chance to men like Mr. Patrick Moore is a gamble – most judges aren’t willing to take the risk. Some judges would have simply written this brother off as a lost cause – or someone who couldn’t be rehabilitated,” Taylor explains. “Sure giving someone a second chance is a risk – but it’s a risk worth taking.” 


“The story of Patrick Moore is a clear and compelling example of why every able-bodied Texan should be concerned about the types of judges we place on the bench in the Lone Star State,” says Taylor. “This isn’t about “D’s” and “R’s” before names on the ballot anymore,” he passionately proclaims. “We need people holding gavels who are tough on crime – but what we “DO NOT NEED” are people in positions of authority who are compelled to legislate from the bench; carry out personal agendas; or willing to put their political party affiliation ahead of what’s just and fair.” 


Here’s a message Judge Maria T. Jackson recently shared with Houston Business Connections Magazine® from Mr. Patrick Moore: “Good afternoon Judge Jackson! I hope you are doing well!! This is Patrick Moore. I was in your courtroom roughly 8 years ago with yet another charge. I had basically been in and out of trouble since the age of 16, living reckless, no regards for the law or my own future which kept landing me in and out of jail. Well, this go-round it landed me in front of you. No plea agreement could be reached with the district attorney, so on the very last setting it ultimately came down to your recommendation as to what my punishment should be. At the time, I was certain I was headed back to jail -- I mean my background screamed: "he'll just get in trouble again." The last time I was in trouble the exact words from Judge Devon Anderson was: "he's going to jail, I'm not giving any probation and have that rock in my neck." And so off I was sent. But that day in front of you, which I'm forever grateful for, something must have fallen on your heart. Because you asked me: "Mr. Moore, are you ready to turn your life around?" I have to admit I was so shocked I couldn't believe it. And I answered "yes." Then you told me "ok I'm going to give you one last chance." And my heart sunk into my chest because I knew that with that I wasn't going to let you down! It was life-changing because a complete stranger took a chance on me to believe in me to become something other than just another inmate, or habitual criminal. And I walked out of your courtroom completely grateful with a mindset that I was going to turn my life around. So with that, fast forward to today, I have accomplished some amazing things. I became a personal trainer and started my business in Tomball, Texas. I'm probably the most successful trainer in Northwest Houston lol! But I didn't stop there! All that energy I used to put into doing the wrong things, I put it into my body and started bodybuilding. And as of last weekend, it all paid off! After 5 years of extremely hard work, I competed in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Mr. USA Championships and won, which earned my professional status in bodybuilding! I was extended a few endorsements as a result of that show and life couldn't be better! I remember telling you the last time I saw you, as you released me from community supervision that I was not going to let you down! And I'm extremely blessed to report back to you that I have kept my promise. I know that “me” landing in front of you 8 years ago was not happenstance, but instead it was God's plan, and you were truly a blessing in my life!! I thank you so much for the decision you made as it has forever changed my life!! God bless you so much and thank you again Judge Jackson!”


On Tuesday, November 6, 2018, Judge Maria T. Jackson will seek to have her name written in the annals of Texas history by becoming the first African American woman to serve on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals for Place 1. “The time has come for “ALL” Texans to put divisiveness aside and come together to do something truly special in the Lone Star State,” says Taylor. “Judge Maria T. Jackson is duly-qualified, fair, firm, and compassionate,” he explains. “I’m not “FOR” or “AGAINST” either major political party in Texas – I simply want “All” Texans to be treated fairly in the eyes of the law,” he explains. “Judge Maria T. Jackson is the only candidate in the race for Presiding Judge for the Court of Criminal Appeals for Place 1 (at this time) who has reached out to us, and assured us that she values the vote of every Texan without respect to their ethnicity, gender, political party affiliation, or socio-economic – we’re hopeful others will soon follow,” he says. “But for now, it’s our prayer that every open-minded voter in the Lone Star State will strongly consider candidates like Judge Maria T. Jackson, and the countless others who respect us, and are committed to serving our great state with blindfold justice that’s administered fairly, unbiased, and without prejudice.”


If you are reading this report and would like to help Judge Maria T. Jackson win on Tuesday, November 6, 2018, you can mail her a generous donation to JUDGE MARIA T. JACKSON CAMPAIGN at P.O. Box 627, Houston, Texas 77001. You can also email her at, or call her at (832)582-1197 today!

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