Tuesday, July 17, 2012

HANDY ON LEADERSHIP: Dexter Handy Speaks - Democrat Speaks to Aubrey R. Taylor about the importance of electing good leadership during times of crisis

DEXTER HANDY: "Good leadership is absolutely necessary during times of crisis. When lives, livelihoods, safety, security, or infrastructures are at risk, a good strong leader must take control of the situation. As a former military leader I have the ability to quickly identify the critical problem areas, assess alternative approaches to fixing the problems, develop working solutions, pull together the right team to fix the problems, and make it happen. As a leader, I am also aware of communicating the solutions to the community affected, and taking measures to calm the fears of the people adversely affected." AUBREY R. TAYLOR: Dexter Handy was the Democratic nominee for Harris County Commissioner for Precinct #3 back in the 2008 Presidential Election when he provided me with this statement.