A total of 16,110 Democrats have voted early in-person through the first four Days of Early Voting in Harris County, Texas According to Stan Stanart

According to Stan Stanart, the Harris County Clerk and Chief Election Official, 16,110 Democrats have gone to the polls to vote early through the first (4) four days of early voting. He also reports that 8,844 "MAIL-IN BALLOTS" have been returned thus far. So, a total of 24,954 early votes have been cast by Democrats to this point. Here are a few featured Democrats you should know: Andrew White, Randy Bates, Latosha Lewis Payne, Audrie Lawton, Linda M. Dunson, Adrian Garcia, Undrai F. Fizer, Lenard Polk, Terrance Shanks, Tahir Javed, Roslyn "Rozzy" Shorter, Raul Rodriguez, Kim Grant, Rabeea Collier, Angela Graves-Harrington, Scot "Dolli" Dollinger, Constance Jones, Margaret "Meg" Poissant, Toni Lewis, and Tracy D. Good. Sitting left to right: Harold Landreneau, and Joshua A. Butler are a few of the people featured on the Houston Business Connections Newspaper © Bulletin Board. Aubrey R. Taylor Communications is the publisher of this information. Call (832)212-8735 for more information. All Rights Reserved.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

PARKS ON LEADERSHIP: Drew Parks - Libertarian Speaks to Aubrey R. Taylor about the importance of electing good leadership during times of crisis

DREW PARKS: "Good leadership is essential in time of crisis, but more important is where the leader is leading. There are plenty of good leaders who lead entire nations into tyranny. So "change" isn't necessarily a good thing if the leader leads us astray. Both the Republican and Democrat parties' solution for our economic crisis is more socialism. This is the wrong direction for a free market - this change is bad." AUBREY R. TAYLOR: Drew Parks was the Libertarian nominee running for United States Congress for the 7th Congressional District of Texas back in the 2008 Presidential Election when he provided me with this statement.