Tuesday, July 3, 2012

FORMER MAYOR JAWORSKI ON LEADERSHIP: Joe Jaworski - Democrat Speaks to Aubrey R. Taylor about the importance of electing good leadership during times of crisis

FORMER GALVESTON MAYOR JOE JAWORSKI: "Leadership is critical during these uncertain times because the solutions to the challenges we face require broad public support to be effective. In fact, I would argue that what we have today isn't a crisis in the economy or in health care system or in the insurance system - what we have today is a crisis of leadership." AUBREY R. TAYLOR: Joe Jaworski was the Democratic nominee running for Texas State Senate for District 11 back in the 2008 Presidential Election when he provided me with this statement. He lost his bid to unseat Senator Mike Jackson; but shortly thereafter ran for Mayor of Galveston and won. He served one term as Galveston's mayor and lost his re-election bid recently.