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Services of Former FBI Investigative Specialist Retained for an Undisclosed Amount to Expose Voter Fraud and Corruption

An agreement has been reached between former FBI Investigative Specialist Charles “BADASS” Marler and Aubrey R. Taylor Communications, publisher of Houston Business Connections Newspaper© for an undisclosed amount to fully investigate and expose what we believe amounts to clear and compelling cases of “ELECTION FRAUD” and “CORRUPTION” in Harris County, Texas. This strategic operation, expected to last well beyond the Tuesday, November 8, 2022, Midterm Elections to complete will include, but not be limited to identifying wrongful conviction cases dating back to the 1990s, retaliatory prosecutions dating back to the 1990s, alleged insider courthouse deals and partnerships dating back to the year 2000, as well as determining how political donations and backroom deals have impacted local judicial rulings in key local cases over the years. However, he and his investigative team’s work will not be limited to the Harris County courthouse. Charles “BADASS” Marler and his investigative team will also be tasked with looking into no less than fifteen past Harris County (partisan) political contests where the outcomes have been red-flagged by Aubrey R. Taylor Communications as suspicious in nature. Also, there are several City of Houston, (HCC) Houston Community College, and (HISD) Houston Independent School District races dating back to the year 2000 that will be evaluated. Why launch this investigation now? Well, the people of Texas deserve to know the truth about voter fraud and corruption. And furthermore, the need for this “INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION” was sparked in part by several recent instances where we believe local “ELECTED OFFICIALS” and authorities on several different levels have blatantly ignored the law and could possibly be continuing to engage in organized criminal activities, i.e., cover-ups, selective prosecutions, granting political favors from the bench, aiding and abetting "ABSTENTEE BALLOT HARVESTERS" and using the power of elected office to retaliate against political rivals. For an example, the City of Houston recently seated a Councilwoman by the name of Tarsha Jackson who was not even “ELIGIBLE” to run for the position she was seeking because of Section 43.130 of the Texas Local Government Code which says, “A resident of an area annexed for limited purposes is not eligible to be a candidate for or to be elected to a municipal office.” In another situation involving Councilwoman Tarsha Jackson, members of her own family have now come forward alleging that their names were forged on documents and have also made claims that Councilwoman Jackson misused federal funds that were allegedly paid out to her by FEMA several years ago. And over the course of the last few months several other local judges have found themselves in hot water – one as recent as last week where a judge by the name of Brittanye Morris (presiding judge for the 333rd Civil District Court) may have already violated several “JUDICIAL CANONS” after only being on the bench for a few days. Another local judge was thrown off the bench for misusing her campaign funds. And must now answer to charges related to a situation where allegedly she shot into the garage of woman's home whom she believed was fooling around with her husband. And a few years ago, another local judge was thrown off the bench for an assortment of different reason including alleged drug use and other allegations. And to make matters even worse, Judge Ramona Franklin (presiding judge for the 338th Criminal District Court) has complaints filed against her by several Defense attorneys groups with the Board of Judicial Conduct. In case you haven't heard, it was reported that since last November, eight defendants fresh out of jail on bond have walked into state District Judge Ramona Franklin’s court and been sent right back to jail. Get this, instead of standing for a routine court hearing in a first step in their criminal court cases, they ended up back in sheriff’s custody after Franklin revoked their bail and ordered them back behind bars, sometimes with no lawyer present for the defendant. It's a shame -- isn't it? Well, it get's even worse, as these Defense attorneys claim that Judge Ramona Franklin revoked the bonds of this individuals who appeared before her without notice or cause. They went on to allege that some of these unsuspecting individuals had their bonds revoked without even haven legal representation. And according to these Defense attorneys, the process being practice by Judge Ramona Franklin in the 338th Criminal District Court is illegal. A lawyer by the name of Grant Scheiner, with the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association even said, “Many times these people are effectively ambushed,” in the article that was published in the Houston Chronicle. “They can’t defend themselves and have no access to counsel,” he went on to say.

Services of Former FBI Investigative Specialist Retained for an Undisclosed Amount to Expose Voter Fraud and Corruption in Harris County, Texas


After much prayer and consideration I have reached an agreement with Former FBI Investigative Specialist Charles Marler to spearhead my investigation into “ELECTION FRAUD” and “CORRUPTION” in Harris County, Texas. The beginning stages of our operation will focus on fifteen past suspicious Harris County (partisan) races that I closely monitored as they unfolded – dating back to the 1990s. So, let it be known, that my team of “HIGHLY SPECIALIZED” and “TRAINED PROFESSIONAL” will not be intimidated or deterred as we will also look into several past City of Houston, HISD and HCCS races where the outcomes were suspect in my opinion. Nearly all of the suspicious races that my team will be looking into affected either one of my clients, one of my supporters, or a candidate whom my endorsement board selected as the “BEST CANDIDATE” for my readers to consider supporting on Election Day. So, in essence, my “HIGHLY TRAINED TASK FORCE” will be charged with the mission of going back and finding out how and why people we felt were “THE BEST CANDIDATES” in certain past local races were not able to win at the ballot box. 

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"In the affidavit, Charles “BADASS” Marler signed under penalty of perjury prior to Election Day for the 2020 Presidential Election, he alleged that several Democratic politicians in Houston, Texas were behind an illegal voting scheme. The key men he mentioned in his affidavit were Precinct 1 Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis, Texas State Senator Borris Miles, Houston businessman Gerald Womack and Democratic political consultant Dallas Jones."


For all of you who don’t know, I met former FBI Investigative Specialist Charles Marler back during the final stretch of the 2019 City of Houston Mayoral Campaign – shortly before the runoff election involving well-known Attorney Tony Buzbee and Mayor Sylvester Turner took place. And from day one, I was very impressed with Charles Marler and the way that he goes about handling his business. What I love most about Marler is that he’s a fair “OPEN-MINDED” man who isn’t motivated by politics. Secondly, I am very impressed by the fact that he isn’t afraid of anyone – and I mean nobody. Heck, part of the reason Marler is in private practice now and no longer working as an “INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST” for the FBI is that he saw what he believed to be wrong-doing by higher-ups (reported it to the United States Congress) and then retired and went into private practice. 

“Witnesses have shown me and described to me how the ballot harvesters take absentee ballots from the elderly in nursing homes, from the homeless, and from unsuspecting residences’ mailboxes," stated Charles "BADASS" Marler in his affidavit filed in the Texas Supreme Court under penalty of perjury.


Charles worked for the FBI for 16 years learning all facets of the Bureau’s complex operations from evidence collection, radio communications, aviation surveillance, and Forward Looking Infra-Red (FLIR). Charles was an Investigative Specialist for 12 years as a member of the Special Surveillance Group and conducted, organized and completed thousands of surveillances on Drug (as FLIR operator), Intelligence and Terrorism targets. He participated in joint training operations with the DIA, DEA, JCTA and CIA. Charles was an instructor and evaluator numerous times for the FBI’s surveillance training programs. 

Charles managed a number of FLIR System Operators while coordinating one of the FBI’s prominent FLIR programs. He provided case guidance, became an expert in the operation and maintenance of FLIR equipment, and personally trained or provided training for his operators. Under Charles leadership and guidance the FLIR program conducted numerous successful operations against espionage subjects, suspected terrorism subjects, drug shipments, violent crime, and kidnap searches. 

Since 2008, Charles has been a co-owner of a private investigative firm based in Houston and has worked as a Private Investigator in Texas for the past four years which specializes in covert physical surveillance operations. As a P.I. he has performed criminal investigations and conducted surveillance operations involving workman’s compensation, child custody, drug use, theft, and the elusive but frequent cheating spouse. 

"In past elections a good campaign strategy involved branding, marketing, kissing babies and shaking hands. But that was before "ILLEGAL BALLOT HARVESTING" and "CHEATING" at the polls fundamentally changed the elections in 2020. In the upcoming 2022 Midterm Elections, branding and marketing will only get "GOOD CANDIDATES" about 25% of the way to an Election Day win! Now more than ever before, nearly every candidate on the ballot must have a team working to maintain the fairness of their race -- otherwise their opponent will have the unfettered ability to fabricate votes and defeat them," says Charles "BADASS" Marler.


Not being afraid of the people you are going after is half the battle in the game of investigating. Why? Well, fear is a paralyzing force that can hold “GOOD PEOPLE” who want to do the right thing hostage. So, as I said, I chose Charles “BADASS” Marler as my lead investigator because of his investigative knowledge, courage, and proven track record of delivering results for his clients. And that being said, I can put forth a plausible argument that Charles “BADASS” Marler is one of the key reasons that Democratic Political Consultant Dallas Jones’ was nullified down the final stretch of the 2020 Presidential Election Campaign when he was supposed to be serving as the Texas Political Director for the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for President and Vice President ticket in the State of Texas. 


I’ve already said this several times – but it’s worth repeating, I’m not a conspiracy theorist or anything like that. So, please don’t let anyone tell you that “VOTER FRAUD” and “CORRUPTION” is non-existent in Harris County, Texas – don’t buy their lies. Look, I’ve been working in this industry in one capacity or another for over 30 years. And during the course of conducting undercover investigations into the criminal justice system by going directly into local, and state jail facilities, I can assure you that not everyone who has been accused of crimes are guilty. And in some cases, I can assure you from first-hand knowledge that people plead guilty to crimes that they never committed for a multitude of different reasons. Thus, it’s vitally important that my investigative team spearheaded by Charles “BADASS” Marler is able to conduct a “FULL AND THOROUGH” investigation into “ALLEGED FRAUD” and “CORRUPTION” without fearing be retaliated against or intimidated by “CROOKED POLITICIANS” or their cronies. 


I’ve seen up close and personal how some mainstream media outlets try to discredit people who hold view that don’t line up with the narrative that they’re trying to write – especially in the aftermath of the 2020 Presidential Election – debacle. Truth be told, I saw this strategy play out first-hand in the case of Charles “BADASS” Marler back when he was working diligently to uncover voter fraud in Harris County, Texas to the best of his ability. So, believe me when I tell you that it’s heartbreaking for me to sit back and watch what I’ve been seeing play out in Harris County, Texas right now. From my unique point of view what I’m seeing is that the people who are trying to conduct investigations to uncover “ALLEGED VOTER FRAUD” and “CORRUPTION” are the very ones who are (in some cases) getting indicted, or becoming targets of investigations by the local authorities. Thus, when I tell you that Charles “BADASS” Marler has a big target on his back – trust what I’m telling you!!! So, truth be told, there are some very powerful folks sitting in high places in Harris County, Texas who are shaking in their boots right now. And you had better believe that some of them may even go to desperate lengths to try and take him out, and/or use their relationships with the mainstream media to try and discredit him. 


It’s tough out here in the game of trying to uncover “ALLEGED VOTER FRAUD” and “CORRUPTION” in Harris County, Texas. Why? Well, in a perfect world, coming forth to tell the truth to authorities would seem like the right thing to do – correct? But I’ve got news for you – we aren’t living in a perfect world, and this world we’re living in has never been perfect – and never will be. So, brave people who come forth, in many cases do so at a price. Look, in the world we’re living in right now, coming forth to tattletale on a “POLITICAL OUTSIDER” is accepted for the most part – even welcomed in some instances. But coming forth to tattletale on a “POLITICAL INSIDER” could end up being hazardous to your health, livelihood, and career, and that’s a fact Jack!!! 


In the affidavit, Charles “BADASS” Marler signed under penalty of perjury back prior to Election Day for the 2020 Presidential Election, he alleged that several Democratic politicians in Houston, Texas were behind an illegal voting scheme. “During my investigation, a core group of names continued to surface regarding the organization and operation of the voter fraud scheme. Witnesses have stated to me that Precinct 1 Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis and District 13 Texas State Senator Borris Miles are leading the illegal ballot harvesting operation in Harris County, Texas. Their chief lieutenants are Houston businessman Gerald Womack and political consultant Dallas Jones who work directly under them in executing the ballot harvesting operation in Harris County, Texas,” stated Marler in his affidavit that was filed with the Texas Supreme Court as part of a broader lawsuit. “Witnesses have shown me and described to me how the ballot harvesters take absentee ballots from the elderly in nursing homes, from the homeless, and from unsuspecting residences’ mailboxes. The ballot harvesters then complete the ballots for their preferred candidate and forge the signature of the “voter.” Two witnesses stated to me that there are two individuals employed at the Harris County Clerk’s Office who are aware of the illegal ballots and help facilitate and mask the processing of the ballots into the legal stream of ballots,” he stated in his affidavit. 


In case you don’t know, Charles “BADASS” Marler also alleged in his affidavit that was submitted to the Texas Supreme Court under penalty of perjury that former Harris County Clerk Diane Trautman, who resigned shortly after the March 3, 2020 Democratic Party primary citing “personal health concerns,” did so because she was concerned she “would be included in the eventual arrest pertaining to illegal ballot harvesting.” In case for some reason you never saw his affidavit, he went on to say, “Witnesses have stated that Commissioner Ellis was not deterred and continued to move forward with the plan to mass mail ballots and expand the illegal ballot harvesting scam.” According to Marler, “Another witness stated to me that an employee of Commissioner Ellis, Tyler James, has bragged that he could guarantee that the illegal ballot harvesting operation, with the help of mass mail-in ballots, could harvest 700,000 illegal ballots.” 


Look, the people Charles “BADASS” Marler mentioned in his affidavit haven’t sued him, because nearly everybody in local politics is fully aware that there’s some sort of cheating and corruption occurring in local politics – that’s a fact. Thus, it would also be very foolish of the individuals mentioned in Marler’s affidavit to sue him, or to sue anyone else for that matter, because it would open them all up to this little thing called discovery in the legal world. Meaning, their private phone records and a lot of other information that could actually prove that “ELECTION FRAUD” exists in Harris County, Texas could be revealed – information that they don’t want all of us in the public to know!!! In part, this is why they’re using the mainstream media by way of mass disinformation campaigns, coupled with censorship efforts by big tech companies to fight their battle in the court of public opinion – and not inside local courtrooms. 


The discovery process is mean, in that it gives each party the ability to obtain evidence from the other party or parties by means of discovery devices such as interrogatories, requests for documents, and admissions. And this very important information can be obtained through subpoenas. And even if the high-powered attorneys who would be representing Commissioner Rodney Ellis, State Senator Borris Miles, Businessman Gerald Womack, or Democratic Consultant Dallas Jones were to object to the requests, Marler’s attorneys could seek the assistance of the court by filing what is called a motion to compel discovery. So, that being said, there must be a whole lot of truth to what Marler claimed – and I intend to get this truth out to the general public – if it’s the last thing I do! And I should be able to do this without fear of retaliation by the individuals we will be investigating, their corrupt allies, or the thugs and hoodlums they may seek to do harm to me, my investigators, my distributors, reporters, or family. 

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I’m the President/CEO of Aubrey R. Taylor Communications, the publisher of Houston Business Connections Newspaper©. In case you don’t know, I have 30-years of experience in marketing, branding, investigative reporting, public relations, opposition research, and political consulting. I’ve assisted in branding Republican and Democratic candidates in statewide elections and local municipalities throughout the State of Texas. Over the years, I’ve also assisted in branding and marketing (through my various publications) such corporations and institutions as Shell Oil, The City of Houston, Texas A&M University, Texas Southern University, Prairie View A&M University, Chevron, Waste Management, Nationwide Insurance, Momentum Jaguar/BMW, Channel 11, Channel 13, State Farm Insurance, and Allstate Insurance to name a few. 


I would have you to know that not everyone who has been accused of a crime or enters a guilty plea in connection with a crime is guilty of the crime they're accused of committing. Neither is everyone who goes to trial to fight charges that are leveled against them and get's convicted are guilty. Look, over the years, some very bad things have happened to people of color in our criminal justice system. So to this end, please understand, that during my career, I’ve gone into the Harris County Jail and Texas prisons on numerous occasions (on secret assignments) working in conjunction with the owner of one of the largest locally owned private security, and investigations firms. The man who was funding my investigations back then (who mysteriously died) also was the godfather of one of my sons, and the backer of one of my publications. That being said, I can straight-faced assure you that I’ve seen some of the injustices that are occurring in the Texas penal system up close and personal. While on the inside, I interviewed (face-to-face) some of the hardest criminals you can imagine for my research. I also discovered first-hand that many of the people who should be locked up are walking around free, and not all of those who are locked behind bars are guilty of the crimes that they, in some cases pleaded guilty to – for whatever reason. So, let me assure you that I know a criminal when I see one. And we have a handful of local elected officials who are straight-criminals and must be stopped!!!


Based on my direct observations over the years, I can attest to the fact that our current criminal justice system is more about “HAVE’S AND HAVE NOT’S” to a greater degree than most people realize.  That being said, sure, in some cases, the skin color of the person being accused of a crime plays a role in who gets indicted and eventually convicted of crimes and those who go free. However, at the end of the day, from observing the system from the inside, and out; having money, good legal representation and access to influential people are unfortunately key determining factors when it comes to who will spend the rest of their life walking around with an “X” on their back and who doesn’t. So, to this end, we must endeavor to change our criminal justice system and political landscape by “TAKING POLITICS OUT” of the way our judges are selected in the Lone Star State – that’s very important to me!

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