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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A "2013 LEADERSHIP SERIES SALUTE" Goes out to Principal Mark Foust and the entire student body at Dulles High School for being named 2013 UIL 5A Academic State Champions

Dulles High School is located at 555 Dulles Avenue, Sugar Land, Texas 77478. Mark Foust is the Principal at Dulles.

Congrats to Mark Foust and the entire student body at Dulles High School for being named 2013 UIL 5A Academic State Champions

FORT BEND ISD - Congratulations to Dulles High School students on earning the 2012-2013 UIL 5A Academic State Meet championship title. The students competed in team and individual divisions at the Academic Spring Meet, held May 20-22 at the University of Texas at Austin, and earned three 1st place team awards, two 2nd place team awards, and several top awards in individual competitions.

“We are very proud of our students and teachers for their hard work and dedication,” said Mark Foust, Dulles High School Principal. “This is the second consecutive year that we have represented Fort Bend ISD as the state champs, and we are honored to hold the title once again.”

Dulles High School’s 2013 Academic Spring Meet Team Results:

-- Mathematics, 1st place – Bobby Shen, Daniel Fan, Rik Nag and Mitchell Hwang
-- Number Sense, 1st place – Keerthana Kumar, Rik Nag, Mitchell Hwang
         and Bobby Shen
-- Science, 1st place – Siddarth Guha, Kevin Li, Arjun Goswami, Bobby Shen
-- Calculator Applications, 2nd place – Sushain Cherivirala, Saiesh Kalva,
         Bobby Shen, Kevin Li
-- Accounting, 2nd place – Jessica Rosenbalm, Chenyi (Kelly) Zhang, Rachel Wix,
         Haixu (Alice) Zhang

Dulles High School's Individual Results:

-- Bobby Shen – 1st place, Calculator Applications; 2nd place, Mathematics; 
          2nd place, Number Sense; 3rd place, Science
-- Mitchell Hwang – 3rd place, Number Sense; 4th place, Mathematics;
-- Siddarth Guha – 4th place, Science
-- Rik Nag – 4th place, Number Sense; 19th place, Mathematics;
-- Haixu (Alice) Zhang – 5th place, Accounting
-- Rachel Wix – 7th place, Accounting
-- Kevin Li – 8th place, Science; 13th place, Calculator Applications;
-- Arjun Goswami – 10th place, Science
-- Sushain Cherivirala – 12th place, Calculator Applications
-- Jessica Rosenbalm – 12th place, Accounting
-- Daniel Fan – 13th place, Mathematics
-- Saiesh Kalva – 17th place, Calculator Applications
-- Keerthana Kumar – 18th place, Number Sense
-- Chenyi (Kelly) Zhang – 16th place, Accounting

Also competing were: Luis Ivan Guzman, Feature Writing; Austin Hatchett, Headline Writing; Arun Kane, CX Debate; Priya Suri, CX Debate; and Jonathan Wei, Lincoln-Douglas Debate.