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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Harris County Republican and Democratic Party Early Voting Results Show Republicans Turned Out 45,329 More Voters

Early Voting Returns for Harris County Show an Energized Republican Party; Sluggish Democratic Party Electorate as the Tuesday, March 1, 2016 Primaries Approach

Aubrey R. Taylor

In case you haven't heard, Republican Party Primary early voting turnout numbers for Harris County were far better than those turned in by early voters in the Democratic Party Primary. Look!!! We can't complain about things we are unwilling to change. Only 85,816 Democrats voted early in Harris County -- and that's a shame. Over 131,145 Republicans voted early. Look, every Democratic Judge and other county-wide Democratic elected official is going to get swept from office in November if this trend continues. The early voting differential was 45,329 in favor of Harris County Republicans. Election day is Tuesday, March 1, 2016. You can (CLICK HERE) to check out the early voting returns for yourself. Don't forget to vote! Houston Business Connections Newspaper is published by Aubrey R. Taylor Communications. All rights reserved. Call (832)212-8735 to discuss your inclusion.

Your VOTE Is Your VOICE - Make Sure You Are Heard!
Dr. D. Z. Cofield, Senior Pastor
Good Hope MBC

People complain over and over again about what’s wrong in our society and what politicians are doing and not doing to, or for, the community and their constituents. People complain about the injustices within the criminal justice system and schools that are graduating students who are under educated and therefore unemployable. From barbershops to beauty shops, from bridge clubs to social clubs, from fraternities to sororities, people grumble, mumble and complain over and over again about what’s wrong in our society. But what would happen if everyone who complained actually went out and voted? If only 20-30% of registered voters actually vote, do you think only 20-30% of registered voters actually complain? The sad truth is I believe there are more people who could vote and don’t than those who actually do vote, and if you can vote and don’t you shouldn’t complain. Bad officials and policies are allowed to remain in place when good citizens don’t vote.

In 1981 Pres. Ronald Reagan said, “For this nation to remain true to it’s principles, we cannot allow any American’s vote to be denied, diluted or defiled.” Perhaps the greatest tragedy in our society is the fact that too many people render their right to vote impotent by not exercising that right.

We turn out most to vote for a presidential election, but the results of our state, county and city elections, both primary and general, are more important to your day-to-day existence than any national election because our local public servants will directly impact you, your family and your friends. School board members can decide the quality of your child’s education or whether your neighborhood school remains open or closes. Local judges will rule on cases in your community. Community college board members will decide on many of the post-secondary educational opportunities for our young adults. Your Justice of the Peace will decide if local residents are evicted or will have another opportunity to stay in their homes. Local elections matter. Your vote matters.

From the lack of economic development and job creation to public safety, healthcare and public education, people want something better. You want something better, and the way to begin bringing about change is to get involved and vote.

In 1965 Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson said, “The vote is the most powerful instrument ever devised by man for breaking down injustice and destroying the terrible walls which imprison men because they are different from other men.”

Voting works. If voting didn’t work there would be no women’s rights, no public schools, no minimum rage, no Civil Rights Act, no Social Security, no Medicare, no Medicaid, no workers compensation, no environmental laws, and no health insurance. The fact is voting makes a difference. Your vote makes a difference, so get out and vote. As Mahatma Gandhi admonished, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world,” and the change you want to see should first be shown in how you vote. YOUR VOTE IS YOUR VOICE! Let your voice be heard by making sure you GO AND VOTE!

All candidates without respect to “Party Affiliation” are invited to seek the vote and support of our diverse and very “OPEN-MINDED” reader base. And please don't forget that Ground-Game Magazine® was born to combat “VOTER APATHY” and get more Americans inspired and encouraged to get off the sidelines and into the fight for territory that’s currently taking place in our nation. Our mission is to help our readership identify the candidates who value and respect our vote! So if you are looking for the perfect branding, marketing and public relations tool -- look no further. Ground-Game Magazine® is designed to assist you with building name recognition, outreach, press release delivery, strategy development/support and much, much, more.

“Let’s Play As a Team in 2016”

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