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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Harris County Democratic Party Voter Turnout Lags behind Republican Party Voter Turnout After First Day of Early Voting

Democratic Party Primary Voter Turnout is Lagging Behind Republican Party Voter Turnout in Harris County after the first day of Early Voting for the 2016 Presidential Election

Aubrey R. Taylor

In case you haven't heard, Democrats are already trailing Republicans in the early voting turnout numbers for Harris County. When you combine the mail-in ballots and in-person turnout ballots for Tuesday, February 16, 2016 over 12,720 Republican voters have already voted in Harris County. On the Democratic side, only 9,636 Democrats have voted so far when you combine their mail in-ballots and in-person turnout ballots from the first day of early voting in Harris County. You can (CLICK HERE) to view the complete turnout numbers from the first day of early voting. And please remind your family and friends to vote in either the Republican Party Primary or Democratic Party Primary. Early voting for the 2016 Democratic Primary and Republican Party primaries will be taking place from Tuesday, February 16, 2016 through Friday, February 26, 2016. Election Day is Tuesday, March 1, 2016. Ground Game Magazine® is published by Aubrey R. Taylor Communications. All Rights Reserved. Call (832)212-8735 to discuss your inclusion in our next issue. Houston Business Connections Newspaper and Ground-Game Magazine®. are both published by Aubrey R. Taylor Communications. All Rights Reserved. Call (832)212-8735 to discuss your inclusion in our next edition.

All candidates without respect to “Party Affiliation” are invited to seek the vote and support of our diverse and very “OPEN-MINDED” reader base. And please don't forget that Ground-Game Magazine® was born to combat “VOTER APATHY” and get more Americans inspired and encouraged to get off the sidelines and into the fight for territory that’s currently taking place in our nation. Our mission is to help our readership identify the candidates who value and respect our vote! So if you are looking for the perfect branding, marketing and public relations tool -- look no further. Ground-Game Magazine® is designed to assist you with building name recognition, outreach, press release delivery, strategy development/support and much, much, more.

“Let’s Play As a Team in 2016”

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