Sunday, March 17, 2013

OPEN LETTER: Elizabeth Deleon Howard Urges All Americans to "Do Blue" by Supporting The Blue Cure Foundation Today

Please Help The Blue Cure Foundation Raise Awareness of Prostate Cancer by Donating To Our Cause Today!

Dear Friends,

Generous Americans already know how to "think pink" when it comes to breast cancer. But few also know to "do blue" for prostate cancer, though it strikes more men than breast cancer does women.

My son (Gabe Canales) was one of those men -- diagnosed at age 35 with what's wrongly considered an "old man's disease." Instead, prostate cancer can strike males of many ages and backgrounds at any time, and that's why we need your help -- now.

Please consider making a $10, $25, $50 or $100 donation to his new not-for-profit 501(c)(3) Blue Cure Foundation to boost our mission. We must raise awareness, urge earlier screenings, advocate healthier lifestyles and spur the research that's needed to stop a disease which will kill 33,720 American men this year.

Together, I know we can make a difference. 
Elizabeth Deleon Howard

Help Us Increase Awareness of Prostate Cancer By Making A Secure Donation To The Blue Cure Foundation Today!

Blue Cure Foundation's mission is to save lives by promoting an integrative approach to prostate cancer treatment, by advocating increased funding for research and by encouraging preventative "anticancer" dietary and lifestyle habits before cancer can strike. Blue Cure also provides a global forum for support and information-sharing among prostate cancer survivors, caregivers, doctors and advocates.


"This a very important cause that Aubrey R. Taylor Communications is proud to support. Please make a secure donation of any amount to this cause." -- Aubrey


44 Thoughts To Ponder For This Month

Here is the list of the (44) forty-four individuals included in this "Special Issue" of Your Thought Matters Newspaper. If you feel a calling to reach our world with your words of encouragement or reporting of positive information I'd like to discuss your inclusion in our next issue. Your Thought Matters Newspaper is published by Aubrey R. Taylor Communication. For more information call 832.212.8735 today!

1.) Mayor Allen Owen
2.) Pastor Mia Wright
3.) Gallery Furniture
4.) Stephanie Boutte-Phillips
5.) Ashley Washington
6.) Joyce Meyer Ministries
7.) Georgia D. Provost
8.) Yolanda Denise Fontenot
9.) Pastor Paula White
10.) Donald Williams
11.) Roslyn Bazzelle
12.) Apostle Valencia Mashiach Williams
13.) Matchmaker Amber Neal
14.) Les Brown
15.) Pastor Jamal Bryant
16.) Bishop James Dixon, II
17.) State Rep. Ron Reynolds
18.) Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell
19.) John Cage
20.) Dr. D Ivan Young
21.) Creflo A. Dollar
22.) Evang Cassandra Taylor
23.) Elizabeth DeLeon Howard
24.) Rudy & Juanita Rasmus, and Tina Knowles
25.) Bishop James Dixon, II
26.) Jennifer Galaway
27.) Anella Spiller Coleman
28.) Carlondria Dixon
29.) Leslie TopRealtor Hall
30.) Tammi Matthews-Durden
31.) Lisa “Ladyle” Ricardo
32.) Rhonda Williams Thornton
33.) Michael Bunch
34.) Michaeline Yanascavage
35.) Yuri Solomon
36.) Cheron K. Griffin
37.) Diedre Colson
38.) Yogi Matthews
39.) Vannessa Wade
40.) Joel Osteen Ministries
41.) T.D. Jakes Ministries
42.) Constable May Walker
43.) Congressman Al Green
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