When All Hope was Seemingly Lost...Gloria Sanderson of Pioneer Bank Showed Up for Arthur J. Smith Sr. and His Family with a $15,000.00 dollar Check

Arthur Smith Sr., his wife Darlene Koffey Smith, son Arthur Smith III, also known as “Yung Giant”, Gloria Sanderson, SVP, CRA/Fair Lending Officer for Pioneer Bank are the featured individuals on the cover of “VERSION 1” of Houston Business Connections Magazine’s “2017 Year-End Review” edition. Houston Texans football player J.J. Watt is also featured on the cover of this version. Inside this edition, J.J. Watt shares how he plans to distribute the millions of dollars the J.J. Watt Foundation received in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Beyoncé, Mattress Mack, Jim Crane, State Senator Borris L. Miles, State Rep. Shawn Thierry, Dr. Letitia Plummer, Judge Loyd Wright, Judge Christine Riddle Butts, Judge John Schmude, Judge Renee Magee, Attorney Sandra Peake, and Attorney Melanie Wilcox Flowers are just a few of the other distinguished individuals featured inside this edition. Houston Business Connections Magazine© is published by Aubrey R. Taylor Communications. All Rights Reserved. Cover photo by: Kennedy Hall, Phillis Wheatley High School Journalism Department/Photographer


Gladys Knight is coming to Houston on Friday, January 19, 2018, for the Diamond Dreams Gala at Minute Maid Park

Held on the field at Minute Maid Park, the Diamond Dreams Gala features seven-time Grammy winner, Ms. Gladys Knight -The Empress of Soul, as well as Astros players and legends. The event benefits the Astros Foundation and New Hope Housing, an organization combatting homelessness by providing housing and support services for those in need. In case you don’t know, The Astros Foundation supports local 501(c)3 nonprofits and their causes through fundraising events. They support organizations whose efforts benefit Youth Baseball/Softball, Education/Literacy, Childhood Cancer, Military and Quality of Life.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

COLUMN: Win Business in Any Era with The Language of Positioning -- by Daniel J. Cohen for Your Thought Matters Newspaper

Win Business in Any Era with The Language of Positioning

Daniel J. Cohen
Owner and Lead Writer, RedShift Writers
Column for Your Thought Matters Newspaper
(832) 489-7643

When Al Ries and Jack Trout pushed the concept of Positioning in “Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind”, they altered marketing forever. Instead of entire markets shouting the same message, some companies began to shift, retarget and build brands based on never-before-used concepts.

No more shouting just to be heard.

In today’s fast-paced market, that concept is more important than ever. Think consumers will buy out of sympathy or pity? Forget about it.

If you don’t market in a way that makes you memorably stand out from the pack, your business won’t stand a chance against a pack of powerhouses just like you who are ready to pounce at every opportunity.

So give yourself a fighting chance.

Walk through a creative exercise with me:

1) List 10-20 advantages you offer your customers over your competitors.

2) Find the unique advantages on the sheet, the ones the NO ONE
        but you can bring to the masses.

3) Add the strongest advantages to the list alongside the unique ones.
       You should have a list of 4-5 advantages at this point.

4) Use those 4-5 advantages to create a positioning statement, a slogan
       that tells people what you do, how you do it, why you do it and who you do it for.

Sound hard? It is. Or at least it can be. Some businesses are very clear in what they are/do (“the only 24 hour dry cleaners on this side of town”).

Others (marketers, we are looking in your direction) are a little less clear. So our statements have to be rock-solid, clear as can be and ready to roll.

Regardless, if you know how to position, then no matter what the era or what the industry, you stand a good chance of surviving and thriving on the open market.


44 Thoughts To Ponder For This Month

Here is the list of the (44) forty-four individuals included in this "Special Issue" of Your Thought Matters Newspaper. If you feel a calling to reach our world with your words of encouragement or reporting of positive information I'd like to discuss your inclusion in our next issue. Your Thought Matters Newspaper is published by Aubrey R. Taylor Communication. For more information call 832.212.8735 today!

1.) Mayor Allen Owen
2.) Pastor Mia Wright
3.) Gallery Furniture
4.) Stephanie Boutte-Phillips
5.) Ashley Washington
6.) Joyce Meyer Ministries
7.) Georgia D. Provost
8.) Yolanda Denise Fontenot
9.) Pastor Paula White
10.) Donald Williams
11.) Roslyn Bazzelle
12.) Apostle Valencia Mashiach Williams
13.) Matchmaker Amber Neal
14.) Les Brown
15.) Pastor Jamal Bryant
16.) Bishop James Dixon, II
17.) State Rep. Ron Reynolds
18.) Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell
19.) John Cage
20.) Dr. D Ivan Young
21.) Creflo A. Dollar
22.) Evang Cassandra Taylor
23.) Elizabeth DeLeon Howard
24.) Rudy & Juanita Rasmus, and Tina Knowles
25.) Bishop James Dixon, II
26.) Jennifer Galaway
27.) Anella Spiller Coleman
28.) Carlondria Dixon
29.) Leslie TopRealtor Hall
30.) Tammi Matthews-Durden
31.) Lisa “Ladyle” Ricardo
32.) Rhonda Williams Thornton
33.) Michael Bunch
34.) Michaeline Yanascavage
35.) Yuri Solomon
36.) Cheron K. Griffin
37.) Diedre Colson
38.) Yogi Matthews
39.) Vannessa Wade
40.) Joel Osteen Ministries
41.) T.D. Jakes Ministries
42.) Constable May Walker
43.) Congressman Al Green
44.) Bishop K J Brown Ministries