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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Mayor Tom Reid is Endorsed by Jacquie Baly Over Quentin Wiltz and Jimi Amos in the 2017 City Elections for Pearland, Texas

Business Owner & Political Analyst for Fox 26 Jacquie Baly Believes Mayor Tom Reid Has Done An Excellent Job for Pearland, Texas

JACQUIE BALY: "Mayor Tom Reid has done an excellent job representing the City of Pearland. His heart and head are in the right place. The residents of Pearland are blessed to have such a dedicated public servant as their leader...Mayor Reid you have my full support and endorsement in your re-election bid. Please let me know how I can help you in this race and in the future."

Mayor Tom Reid is the Candidate of Choice for Many Distinguished Leaders throughout the City of Pearland, Texas

DISTINGUISHED PEARLAND CITY LEADERS: Tony Carbone (Councilmember for Position 1), Derrick Reed (Councilmember for Position 2), Gary Moore (Mayor Pro Tem/Councilmember for Position 3), Tom Reid (Mayor), Keith Ordeneaux (Councilmember for Position 4), Greg Hill (Councilmember for Position 5), Trent Perez Councilmember for Position 6).



Born in Houston, Mayor Reid acquired his conservative philosophy growing up in the farming and ranching country of Central Texas. He moved with his family to Pearland in 1965 and both his son and daughter graduated from Pearland schools. Mayor Reid became active in Pearland and served as Scout Troop Committee Chairman, City Planning Commissioner, City Councilman, Chairman of the Pearland Library Board, Chairman of Brazoria Drainage District #4, and as Mayor.

His professional career includes scientific writing, underwater defense research for the Navy Department, and as a Junior Design Engineer with WKM Valve Manufacturing Company. He was hired by Rockwell International and worked at Johnson Space Center from 1965 to 1997. He supervised and managed complex projects with sizeable staffs and tight budgets on Gemini, Apollo, Apollo-Soyuz, Skylab, and Space Shuttle Programs, and spent the last 10 years at JSC in the Space Shuttle Program Office.

Mayor Reid is highly visible in community activities. He is a Board Member of Pearland Arts League, PISD District Education Improvement Committee, and Adult Reading Center. He is a member of the Gideon Society, Chamber of Commerce, C. F. Spencer Lodge, and many other community organizations. He is an Eagle Scout, Ordained Elder in the First Presbyterian Church, and is a 32 Degree Mason and a Shriner.

He has a history of regional participation and currently represents Pearland as a Board Member and Past President of the Houston-Galveston Area Council and the Texas Association of Regional Councils, and is Secretary of the H-GAC Transportation Policy Council. He is on the Executive Board of Bay Area Transportation Partnership and is a Vice President of the Economic Alliance of the Houston Port Region. He is also Chairman of the Pearland Development Authority, and the Pearland Area Citizens Corps.

Mayor Reid believes that regional partnerships on transportation, surface water, and air quality are essential to economic growth and quality of life for both Pearland and the Houston Gulf Coast area. He is working with local, regional, and state organizations and officials to make Pearland a quality city that will make us all proud to say we live in Pearland.

Traffic and Roadway Projects

We should all be proud that Pearland is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation – but growth brings challenges. We must strengthen our city for the future by continuing multiple transportation solutions for Pearland commuters such as Park and Ride, light rail, and support the toll lanes for SH-288. We must also complete our city roadway and street construction plans to provide mobility and other major capital improvements for our citizens.

Public Safety and City Services

We must continue Pearland’s recognized quality of life by managing our growth and continue to provide quality Police, Fire, EMS, and City Services. We must maintain our small town atmosphere, and brand Pearland as a Destination City with museums, cultural amenities and shopping and dining opportunities expected of the Gulf Coast’s 3rd largest city by population.

Quality of Life and Growth

Rapid growth is not the same as quality growth.I feel we are fortunate to have a dedicated Council and professional staff that have worked in partnership with other community organizations to make Pearland a special place to live, work, and play. I promise to continue to provide proven leadership and experience in city government and will work to continue the progress that has been made.

Economic Growth and Taxes

We must grow our economy by keeping our taxes as low as we can afford and still provide quality City Services and continue to make Pearland a unique city that will attract corporations and businesses to develop a strong economic development tax base.


Early voting for the FBlSD General Election and the Pearland, Texas General Election will take place from Monday, April 24, 2017 through Tuesday, May 2, 2017. 

Political Ad Paid for by the Campaign to Re-Elect Mayor Tom Reid 2017

GREAT PEOPLE TO KNOW: Jason Burdine, FBISD Trustee for Position 1; Kristin Tassin, FBISD Trustee for Position 4; K.P. George, FBISD Trustee for Position 5; Sherry Stockwell, a Businesswoman who is asking for your vote in the race for Pearland City Council At-Large Position #7; Mayor Tom Reid, the incumbent mayor running for re-election in Pearland; Gary Moore, incumbent Pearland City Councilman for At-Large Position #3. Early voting for the FBlSD General Election and the Pearland, Texas General Election will take place from Monday, April 24, 2017 through Tuesday, May 2, 2017. The candidates pictured on this cover are not connected to one another unless otherwise noted. Call (832)212-8735 for general information; or (281)788-3033 to speak directly to the publisher. Houston Business Connections Magazine is published by Aubrey R. Taylor Communications. All rights reserved.

AUBREY R. TAYLOR: "I would like to take this moment to remind you that Mayor Tom Reid is asking for your vote, prayers and support in the Saturday, May 6, 2017 General Election taking place in Pearland, Texas."

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