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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Jason Burdine, Fort Bend ISD Trustee for Position No. 1 is Endorsed by Political Analyst Jacquie Baly on May 6, 2017

Jason Burdine is Endorsed By Well-Known Business Owner & Political Analyst for Fox 26 Jacquie Baly in the Saturday, May 6, 2017 FBISD General Election in Fort Bend County

JACQUIE BALY: "Jason Burdine has a passion and dedication for education that surpasses many. As the current Vice President of the Board of Trustees he is able to utilize his business and management skills along with his passion to serve the students, teachers and administrators of FBISD very well. It is imperative that we keep Jason Burdine on the Board of Trustees of FBISD. It is with great honor and pleasure I endorse Jason Burdine in his re-election bid."

Mayor Tom Reid is also Endorsed By Well-Known Business Owner & Political Analyst for Fox 26 Jacquie Baly in the Saturday, May 6, 2017 Mayoral Election for Pearland, Texas

JACQUIE BALY: "Mayor Tom Reid has done an excellent job representing the City of Pearland. His heart and head are in the right place. The residents of Pearland are blessed to have such a dedicated public servant as their leader...Mayor Reid you have my full support and endorsement in your re-election bid. Please let me know how I can help you in this race and in the future."

Gary Moore is also Endorsed By Well-Known Business Owner & Political Analyst for Fox 26 Jacquie Baly in his bid for re-election in the race for Pearland City Council Position #3

JACQUIE BALY: "Gary Moore has been an exemplary Councilman for the City of Pearland. He works tirelessly for his constituents and is a dedicated public servant. It is my honor and pleasure to endorse Mayor Pro Tem Gary Moore in his re-election bid."

Meet the Honorable Jacquie Baly


Jacquie Baly, President of BalyProjects LLC, has been a leader in the Houston region's business and policy communities for more than two decades. She began her career as a city and regional planner for numerous entities, then served as a gubernatorial appointee on water and wastewater issues and most recently served as an elected official and is currently an appointee of Gov. Greg Abbott on education issues.

Ms. Baly founded BalyProjects in 1999 with the objective of providing public affairs, media relations, and public policy services to individuals, institutions, small businesses, government and corporations. Ms. Baly is also a co-host of FOX 26 KRIV's political show, The RoundUp which airs every Sunday morning 6 AM - 8 AM.

Baly has been featured on KUHF, KTRH, KTRK and several radio stations discussing politics and policy matters. She also lectured on public policy and urban politics at the University of Houston for over 8 years.

Baly has received many awards including: ABC/13 Woman of Distinction, The United States Junior Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Young American, U of H "Rising Star" Alumnus of the Year, U of H "Black Alumnus" of the year, Fort Bend FOCUS Woman of the Year (JEWEL), Dynamic Woman of Houston, Most Influential Woman in Houston, Top 25 Women of Houston, Fort Bend Entrepreneur of the Year, JAYCEES Outstanding Young Texan, JAYCEES Outstanding Young Houstonian, (Texas Executive Women's) Woman on the Move, and Outstanding (Fort Bend) Business Executive.

Before forming BalyProjects, Jacquie was Vice President at the Greater Houston Partnership. She has also worked as the director of Planning and Community Development for the cities of Seabrook and Sugar Land.

Jacquie has served on several boards, including: Houston Contractors Association, Houston CrimeStoppers, The Houston Symphone League, Texas Lyceum, City Hall Fellow, Parks Youth Ranch Advisory Board, Texas Dragon Boat Association, Alley Theatre Advisory Board, Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce-Infrastructure division chair, Texas CASA-Director, Fort Bend Boys' Choir-President, Fort Bend YMCA-Past President, The Chinquapin School's Board of Trustees-Past Vice President, Fort Bend Education Foundation-Gala Chair and Board Member, Sugar Land Economic Development 4-B Corporation-Director & Vice President, Sugar Land's Intergovernmental Relations subcommittee (legislative liaison).

She is also a member of the Greater Houston Partnership's Transportation Infrastructure Advisory Committee, the Transportation Policy Council, Fort Bend County Mobility Planning Committee, The Center for Houston’s Future Business Leadership Forum; Leadership Houston, Class XVIII; Rotary International and the Sugar Land Exchange Club.

A native of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, Jacquie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in political science and a master’s degree in City Planning specializing in Public Policy. She is also a classically trained flutist. She is the proud mother of two phenomenal young men, Raphael and Alexandre.


University of Houston Alumni Association's "Rising Star"

Fort Bend Jewel of the Year

ABC/13 Woman of Distinction

Outstanding Young American

University of Houston Black Alumnus of the Year

Dynamic Woman of Houston

Most Influential Woman in Houston

Top 25 Women of Houston

Fort Bend Entrepreneur of the Year

Outstanding Young Texan

Outstanding Young Houstonian

(Texas Executive Women's) Woman on the Move

Outstanding (Fort Bend) Business Executive

Religious Views

Jacquie Baly is a Christian woman guided by biblical principles in every area of her life.


Jacquie Baly enjoys the hectic life of public service and politics. She is a native of St. Croix US Virgin Islands. Her hobbies include running, traveling, and volunteering for various nonprofits

Personal Information

Hobbies include traveling, politics, volunteering for various nonprofits and fashion.


The Honorable Jacquie Baly is encouraging all registered voters in Fort Bend County to vote early in the FBlSD General Election. Registered voters in Pearland are also encouraged to vote early as well. The General Elections for Fort Bend ISD and Pearland will take place from Monday, April 24, 2017 through Tuesday, May 2, 2017. (CLICK HERE) for more information on the Honorable Jacquie Baly.

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GREAT PEOPLE TO KNOW: Jason Burdine, FBISD Trustee for Position 1; Kristin Tassin, FBISD Trustee for Position 4; K.P. George, FBISD Trustee for Position 5; Sherry Stockwell, a Businesswoman who is asking for your vote in the race for Pearland City Council At-Large Position #7; Mayor Tom Reid, the incumbent mayor running for re-election in Pearland; Gary Moore, incumbent Pearland City Councilman for At-Large Position #3. Early voting for the FBlSD General Election and the Pearland, Texas General Election will take place from Monday, April 24, 2017 through Tuesday, May 2, 2017. The candidates pictured on this cover are not connected to one another unless otherwise noted. Call (832)212-8735 for general information; or (281)788-3033 to speak directly to the publisher. Houston Business Connections Magazine is published by Aubrey R. Taylor Communications. All rights reserved.

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