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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Shawn Thierry, 2016 Democratic Candidate Running for House District 146 Discusses How Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Collaborative Cooperation For Our Communities

Concerned Citizens,

As your State Representative, I will work with Mayor Turner, our new State Senator Boris Miles & County Commissioner Rodney Ellis, Congressman Al Green, Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee, District D City Council Member Dwight Boykins, District K City Council Member Larry Green, and other council members and elected officials to maximize opportunities for the residents of District 146. I will create collaborative efforts to solve the challenges facing our district, our city, and all Texans.

1. It's time to reform the bail system in our state to make sure people are not in jail simply because they can't afford to pay bail. Also, the county jail should not be a revolving door for those needing a hospital bed, so tackling our state's mental health crisis is another key priority. I am eager to work with fellow Democrats and our Republican colleagues in the 2017 Legislative session toimplement community treatment programs, increase funding for psychiatric hospitals, as well as examine the mental health needs for juveniles in our state's foster care system.

2. Poverty and hunger are real problems in our community and across the state. The best way to address these challenges is to make sure all Houstonians and Texans have access to affordable workforce training, good paying jobs, and a strong safety net when they need a helping hand. I plan to reform state economic incentives to bring more jobs to District 146 and to encourage local businesses and contractors to hire more local residents. "Hire Houston First" is a good program for hiring more local businesses. Let's hire more Houstonians first, including those who need a second chance.

3. Senior citizens need more than just property tax relief to hold on to their houses. They need help keeping up with home repairs. Homeowners have been using their own money to mow weeded lots in their neighborhood; they should be reimbursed for those expenses. State and federal laws should be amended to allow affordable housing dollars to be used to help senior citizens with these issues.

Teamwork matters, and I intend to be a team player who will work hard for the residents of District 146. I would be honored to receive your vote on Election Day and hope you will join our team now.

Let's all win...together.


Shawn N. Thierry, Esq.
Democratic Nominee
State Representative, District 146

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