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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

HCC Trustee Carroll G. Robinson Discusses the Saturday, December 14, 2013 Runoff Election Candidates for Houston City Council and the Houston Community College Board of Trustees

*Carroll G. Robinson is an Associate Professor at Texas Southern University. He is a former At-Large Houston City Council Member and currently serves on the Board of Trustees of HCC and the Houston Firefighters’ Retirement and Relief Fund.

By Carroll G. Robinson*
Now that challenger, Dave Wilson beating twenty-four year incumbent Houston Community College System (HCC) Trustee Bruce Austin has become national news, hopefully now people will pay more attention to who the candidates are, what they stand for, and will vote in local off-year elections like they vote in presidential elections.

The reality is that local elected officials have more of an impact on people’s quality of life than the Governor or President.

City Council, County Commissioner, School Board and Community College elections matter.

It’s not good enough for people to be upset and complain after the votes are cast. Dave Wilson’s election must be a wake-up call. The NAACP Houston Branch and other local African-American organizations must engage in year-round voter education and empowerment campaigns.

They need to consistently share candidate, office holders and policy information on Radio, TV, the Internet, in print ads and through auto calls and community meetings.

It also has to be said that a twenty-four year incumbent getting beat by an “imposter” says something about the need for African-American elected officials to pay more attention to their constituents’ needs than to big donors and special interest insiders.

If an elected official is connected to the concerns, needs and interests of their district, no imposter can beat them, because the voters will know who the incumbent is and that the officeholder is on their side.

Now that everyone’s eyes are wide open and we are all paying attention, let’s talk about the Saturday, December 14, 2013 Run-Off Elections.

 Houston City Council -- District I

This is not only a race for city council, but a proxy battle for political power in the Hispanic community. Graci Garces is supported by State Representative Carol Alvarado and outgoing incumbent council member James Rodriguez.

 The winner of this race will help tell us about which way the political wind is blowing in the Hispanic community.

 Where this district’s voters go in the At-Large run-offs will probably determine the winners.

Houston City Council -- District D

This is a race between the generations, a campaign between two Third Ward based candidates in a race where the South Union/Sunnyside community will have a big impact on deciding the winner.

 Georgia D. Provost is a 30 year resident and small business owner in District D. Mrs. Provost has been endorsed by most of the candidates who didn’t make the run-off. Dwight Boykins is a small business owner and lobbyist. He raised the most money and was the highest vote getter on Election Day.

 Not only will District D elect a new council member as incumbent Wanda Adams is term limited, it will also have a big impact on the citywide run-offs, especially the Andrew C. Burks, Jr. vs. David Robinson At-Large run-off.

 Houston City Council -- District A

This is a run-off between Tea Party Republican Helena Brown vs. Establishment Republican Brenda Stardig.

 Stardig is the former incumbent who was beaten by Brown in 2011. This race will also impact the citywide run-off results. This will be the case especially in the Michael Kubosh vs. Roy Morales At-Large run-off.

 Houston City Council -- At-Large Position 2

 Andrew C. Burks, Jr. is the incumbent council member running for re-election for the first time. He is a small business owner and pastor.

 His opponent David Robinson (no relation to me) is a leader in the city’s Superneighborhood Council.
Both are Democrats.

 Houston City Council -- At-Large Position 3

This is a run-off for an open seat. Both candidates are Republicans.

 Michael Kubosh was a leader of the fight to eliminate red light cameras. He fought to make sure that Houstonians could help feed the homeless and he also opposed the last city bond election. He has built strong relationships in the African-American community.

Roy Morales has been a candidate for city office on a number of occasions.

 Houston Community College (HCC)
 There are three HCC run-off elections to be determined.

Houston Community College -- District I

 Trustee Flores is the incumbent. Zeph Capo is an official in the union representing HISD teachers.
On election day, Trustee Flores was the top vote getter.

Houston Community College -- District III

 Herlinda Garcia is the incumbent in this race. On election day, Adriana Tamez was the top vote getter.

 Both candidates have been principals in HISD. Garcia is currently a lead principal in HISD.

Houston Community College -- District V

This is a run-off for an open seat. On election day, Robert Glaser was the top vote getter.

 Glaser is a Democrat and Kunetka is a Republican.

 Both candidates are small business owners.


 GOOGLE the candidates and check out their website. This article is simply a summary overview. Do your homework and VOTE ON SATURDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2013.

 If you don’t vote, complaining after the election won’t change the results.

 # # #

 *Carroll G. Robinson is an Associate Professor at Texas Southern University. He is a former At-Large Houston City Council Member and currently serves on the Board of Trustees of HCC and the Houston Firefighters’ Retirement and Relief Fund.