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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Better Marketing Concepts, LLC, founder Jim Johnson joins forces with Aubrey R. Taylor Communications to Assist with Promoting Houston Business Connections Magazine Globally

JIM WITH HONORABLE SAID MUSA: Jim Johnson is pictured above with the Honorable Said Musa, the former Prime Minister of Belize. The Honorable Said Wilbert Musa is a Belizean lawyer and politician. He was the Prime Minister of Belize from August 28, 1998 to February 8, 2008. JIM WITH GOV. BOBBY JINDAL: Jim Johnson is pictured above with Bobby Jindal, the current Governor of Louisiana. Bobby Jindal was sworn in as Governor of Louisiana on January 14, 2008. He was elected Governor of Louisiana on October 20, 2007, with 54 percent of the vote in the primary, winning 60 of 64 parishes. JIM WITH YAO MING: Jim Johnson with Yao Ming. At the time of this photo Ming was a member of the Houston Rockets. He has since retired from playing professional basketball. At the time of this photo he was the tallest player in the NBA, standing at (7 ft 6 inches). JIM WITH MAYOR ANNISE PARKER: Mayor Annise D. Parker serves as the Executive Officer of the City. As the City's chief administrator and official representative, the Mayor is responsible for the general management of the City and for seeing that all laws and ordinances are enforced. Administrative duties include the appointments, with Council approval, of department heads and persons serving on advisory boards. As Executive Officer, the Mayor administers oaths and signs all motions, resolutions and ordinances passed by City Council. The Mayor also serves a legislative function, presiding over City Council with voting privileges. The Mayor is responsible for advising Council of the City's financial condition and presents to Council an annual budget for approval. JIM WITH THE PORTER INTERNATIONAL CONSTRUCTION, LLC, TEAM. Porter International Construction, LLC is a minority owned Construction Management and General Contracting firm that is quickly becoming a leader in their industry through innovative concepts and building solutions. Their World Headquarters is located in Porter TX. Founded by Vernon Smith, Porter International Construction, LLC, the Porter Financial Group, LLC, and Porter Legal Management, LLC, is doing business globally. Smith recently returned from Nigeria where he closed several deals for residential and commercial development near Lagos. For more information on The Porter Team of Companies, see their information below.

Better Marketing Concepts, LLC, founder Jim Johnson has joined forces with Aubrey R. Taylor Communications to Assist with Promoting Houston Business Connections Magazine Globally

By Aubrey R. Taylor
President and CEO of Aubrey R. Taylor Communications
Publisher of Houston Business Connections Magazine

 The management team at Aubrey R. Taylor Communications, the publisher of Houston Business Connections Magazine welcomes Jim Johnson back into the fold. Jim is most-best known for his marketing prowess and impeccable reputation as an international marketing and branding professional. He's also working with his cousins Ice Cube and Ron to help bring Education and business developments to Africa in 2014.

This unique alliance between Better Marketing Concepts, LLC and Aubrey R. Taylor Communications will enhance exposure for both firms locally, nationally, and internationally.


 Jim Johnson, the founder and CEO of Better Marketing Concepts, LLC is supported by some of the best International business consultants in the world. His travels and associations worldwide have created and maintained strong relationships with powerful people in both the corporate and political worlds.


 Jim Johnson has a unique approach, working with small and large firms, and governmental entities, and each approach is customized and strategic in nature. After spending more than 25-years working in corporate America representing firms such as International Telephone & Telegraph, Aramco Services Company, Texaco, and The Anheuser Bush Companies, Jim has gained vast knowledge and a keen understanding of how Corporate America works.


 Jim Johnson is a master at corporate branding and development. Back in 2003 Johnson was instrumental in pulling together the “Corporate Sponsors” for special “Collector’s Edition” of Black Business Houston Magazine, a publication formerly published by us. After careful consideration the publication was placed on hiatus and has since been tabled for the more inclusive and diverse Houston Business Connections Magazine. With the former publication, Johnson was instrumental in bringing on such clients as: HEB, The City of Houston, Waste Management, Momentum Jaguar and BMW, CenterPoint Energy, Chevron, Shell Oil, Metro, ABC-13, State Farm Insurance, Allstate Insurance, Enterprise Rent-Rent-Car, Chase Bank and many more.


 Jim Johnson can be contacted directly at (832)746-8274 to discuss your inclusion in the next edition of Houston Business Connections Magazine. 
Porter International Construction, LLC Prides Itself on Being Able to Get Projects Done On Time and Under Budget

  Porter International Construction, LLC is a minority owned Construction Management and General Contracting firm that is quickly becoming a leader in their industry through innovative concepts and building solutions. Their World Headquarters located in Porter TX, illustrates their ability to empower visions. Founder and CEO, Mr. Vernon Smith developed and designed this multi-level compound over 15 years ago and has not slowed down. He continues to expand his horizon of business, establishing invaluable relationships all over the World. Smith’s innate ability to “design-build” comes from a long line of contractors. He showed an ability to take on massive construction projects at a very young age.

Smith smiles while telling stories about his father and uncles bringing him on jobsites and showing him the ropes from the time he could walk. At the tender age of 17-years old, Vernon was already running numerous projects while still maintaining his studies. He would go on to receive a degree in Engineering from Georgia Tech, started his legacy, and today he’s proud to say that he’s continuing the family tradition.

Mr. Smith recently returned from Nigeria where he closed several deals for residential and commercial development near Lagos. “We wish to build and help develop all over Africa; our mission’s not just go make money but help the people,” says Smith.

 “I’m excited about the fact that God positioned us to be able to go back to the mother land and offer training to the communities giving them tools they’ll have for life.”

Mr. Smith has a vision that involves him spreading wealth and education around the globe. He plans to explore another opportunity in Belize soon, he says. “We have been interested in Belize for a while; they are our beautiful brothers and sisters.”

Mr. Smith’s motto of getting the job done on time and under budget follows him around the World. “With God’s blessing we’ll go anyplace, any time.”

Mr. Smith has also ventured into the world of Finance by opening Porter Financial Group, and is now tackling renewable energy. “As long as I follow God's footsteps we will continue to prosper," he says.

Porter International Construction, L.L.C. has (DBE) Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Certification with The City of Houston, Metro, SBA, and The Port of Houston. They also have licenses to do business in Louisiana and North Dakota.

# # # #

For more information on Porter International Construction, LLC, call (281)572-1151. The corporate headquarters is located at 20165 Old Houston Rd. in Porter Texas 77365.