Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Keep Right on Stepping #8 -- A Thought From Aubrey R. Taylor

"Windows of opportunity don't just remain open until we decide that the time is right to enter! You have a gift on the inside of you that belongs to all of us! You have something inside you that's crying to get out! Let it out!!! And If you've already released it; well, I'm happy for you! For some reason, I'm just feeling like we're heading into a season primed for birthing and expanding dreams! Go after your dream in 2013 my friend! Go after your dream in 2013! Go after your dream! Some opportunities only come along once! Ask the Lord for guidance! And then step forward in boldness and faith under His divine direction. You can do it! Every God-given goal you have can be accomplished"

Some Opportunities Are Time Sensitive My Friend!
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