Monday, November 19, 2012

Go For Your Dream In 2013 -- Featuring Bishop K.J. Brown

Part 3 of 33 features Bishop K.J. Brown and his prayer for America, President Barack Obama, and People Going For Their Dreams In 2013

The Process of Winning!
 By Bishop K. J. Brown 

We applaud the successes of those we consider to be winners in every conceivable area of life. But, it's imperative that we realize that anything worthwhile in life came by process and patience. Please understand that the process of winning is filled with challenges and adversity. As I reflect upon my study of scripture there are principles to winning that stand out and mark a path for becoming a true winner.

Purpose: The one thing that drives me to stay on the right path; its knowing my purpose. Purpose is the source that keeps me directed. The discovery of "why" I'm here gave me the "what" I should be doing. Without purpose we have a tendency to wonder or go in circles; busy but getting nowhere.

Path: If you're on the right road you have a much greater chance of getting where you should be than if you're going in the wrong direction.

Preparation: When purpose and path are discovered, education and experience will have to follow. However, there are still going to be some valleys and mountains along the journey of life. I've come to the point that rather than complain while going through the valleys, I now ask God what lesson are You teaching me in the valley moments; but, I'm always mindful to remember to take a moment to celebrate on the mountains.

Pursuit: Don't just plan to do it .You must do it! However, please be careful how you go about doing it; and make sure that you don't do others as you pursue your goals. I'm really afraid of persons who will do anything to reach their goals. Some people allow their pursuit to carry them to dishonest means; and feel those means are justified. Just remember you will reap exactly what you sow.

Problems: In this life you will have problems. How you handle those problems is one of the biggest challenges of winning. 1 Refuse to accept failure. You are not a failure when you fail. You are only a failure when you give up. 2. Keep going! I read a story that Colonel Sanders went to 1,000 places to sell his chicken recipe before he found that interested buyer. 3. Shake it off and step up. I always remember the story of the mule that fell in the hole and the farmer would throw dirt on him to bury him, but he would shake it off and put the dirt under his feet. As time went on the more dirt he shook off and put under his feet the more elevated he became until the point that he was out of the hole. What would have been his burial eventually became his blessing!

Pinnacle: Process brings you to pinnacle. Be the best that you can be. But remember to be yourself. No two people travel the same path to success.

Be Blessed! Be smart -- and remember ""The Lord wants you to Win!"

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