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Monday, March 27, 2017

Arthur J. Smith, III, A.K.A. "Yung Giant" Prepares to Drop His New CD titled: "GOD'S EYEZ ON ME" featuring "College Life"


Yung Giant, real name Arthur J. Smith, III is a Texas born and raised rapper straight out of Houston’s 5th Ward. He's quickly becoming known as: "The Educated Rapper from the Hood"; but Yung Giant does much more than spit lyrics. He’s a rapper, songwriter, singer, poet and has been blessed with an uncanny ability to use his hands to draw and create images as a creative artist.


PHOTO: Yung Giant is pictured with his mom, Koffey and dad Arthur J. Smith, Sr.


Yung Giant has creative juices flowing through his veins. Born to recording Hip-Hop Artist, Koffey (The Ghetto Queen of the City of Houston, and affectionately known by many as Houston’s First Lady). Koffey was one of the first female vocalists out of H-Town to be featured on both, BET and MTV. She did so back in 1995 on a song she performed and co-wrote entitled: "G-Groove" by the 5th Ward Juveniles, produced by Multi-Platinum Producer (Mike Dean) and was distributed by Underground/Rap-A-Lot/Noo Trybe/Virgin Records. 

Yung Giant’s dad, Arthur J. Smith, Sr., known simply as Art, is also from Houston’s 5th Ward by way of Hardy Street. Art is a well-known T-Shirt Designer, Music Executive, Community Activist and former College Radio Promotions Manager for Rap-A-Lot Records.

It’s no secret where Yung Giant gets his musical inspiration and influences from however. He was reared in the housing projects called Cleme Manor Apartments (better known as Coke Apartments) located at 5300 Coke Street, which are now managed by a company from New York City. His mom, Koffey, was raised in these very same projects.

“Yung Giant’s first rap words were spoken when he was about 9 months old,” says Koffey. “Those words were: Ou-Na-Nah-Na-Nah from a song by Music/Rap Mogul Master P of No Limit Records.”

“Whenever I would be holding Yung Giant on my hip when he was a baby, and every time he would hear Master P’s song on the radio, he would kick his legs out dancing and repeat the same lyrical sound as Master P.”

As a young student in elementary and middle school, Yung Giant would tell his mom and dad almost every day, how many of the students at school labeled him as the best rapper in the whole school. 

“His dad and I would say, "Oh, that's good Son. But we never really thought too much of it; because Yung Giant had never rapped for us before – other than mimicking Master P,” explains Koffey. 

“However, one day this all changed when he was about 13-years of age,” reveals this proud mom.

“I can vividly remember Yung Giant stepping out of his bedroom and saying: "Mom and Dad I want y’all to hear my rap I wrote."

According to Koffey, she told Yung Giant: “Look here, I take this music seriously. I'm gonna be real with you -- even though you are my Son. If you're wack, I'm gonna tell you you’re wack. And if you're tight, I'm gonna say you're tight."

So Yung Giant agreed, and proceeded to rap. To the utter amazement and surprise of both, Art and Koffey their son was much better than expected. “We both just looked at each other and smiled,” said Koffey. 

“Wow, was all his dad could say, after Yung Giant finished his rap,” explains Koffey. "Boy you better not be going online rapping someone else’s raps is what he also said after congratulating our son," she says.

According to Koffey, Yung Giant said: "No Dad. I write all my songs to my moma’s tracks. I been paying attention to you and mom for years as a child and writing to mom’s tracks for years." 

His Dad said, "Son all the time you were listening to your mom’s tracks, I thought you were just listening to the music for entertainment."


At the age of 9, Yung Giant was featured on a song entitled "Do or Die" (HIV Awareness Song) with 14 other youth that was released on his mom’s CD titled: Ghetto Life, which was categorized on the ballots of the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards listed for Song of the Year and Best R&B Vocal Performance back in 2010.

Yung Giant also sung on an interlude with his mom back when he was 8-years of age entitled "Waymaker". His first solo song was recorded at Sunrise Studio in Houston back when he was 13-years old, and was titled "Converse Conversation" featuring Koffey – aptly named such, because he only wears converse sneakers.


PHOTO: Yung Giant (far right) meets Gov. Greg Abbott along with his parents, Arthur J. Smith, Sr. (second from left), his mom Koffey (second from right), and Tommy Jennings and Quino Grey. 


Shortly after Yung Giant and his parents opened up their “VOTER REGISTRATION DEPOT” -- themed it “Vote & Live”; and crafted their “catchy” motto for the project titled: “My vote -- gives my hope life” they were afforded a quick meeting and photo opportunity with Gov. Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas. “I’m so thankful that Ashlei Kellough, the Organizational Director for the Harris County Republican Party attended our grand opening and found value in our mission to register voters in a non-partisan way throughout Harris County,” says Arthur J. Smith, Sr.


Yung Giant performed his song for the first time at Phillis Wheatley High School (his high school) back in 2013 during the NBA All Star Week. During this celebratory week, he and his dad also went downtown (in Houston) to promote his new single. A few by chance meetings occurred as they combed the streets of downtown looking for interesting people to talk to.


PHOTO: Yung Giant, Cathy Hughes, his dad, and Ms. Hughes' personal assistant.


Yung Giant and his dad had the pleasure of meeting Radio One founder, Cathy Hughes and her assistant Coffi, along with many others while downtown during NBA All Star Week back in 2013. “I’m proud to say I personally gave Miss Hughes a copy of my CD while I was in downtown Houston at the Toyota Center with my dad during NBA All Star Week,” says Yung Giant.

For those who may not know, Yung Giant is so proud of this by chance meeting because: Catherine L. Hughes (known as Cathy) is an African-American entrepreneur, radio and television personality and business executive. She founded the media company Radio One, and when the company went public in 1999, she became the first African-American woman to head a publicly traded corporation according to published reports. 

“I’m also proud to say that the very first person to buy my first CD was the late legendary sports caster Craig Seager,” says Yung Giant.

Craig Seager, in case you don’t know, was a well-known sports reporter, who covered an array of sports from 1981 until the year of his death (back in December 2016) for CNN and its sister stations, TBS and TNT. He was in Houston to cover the All Star Game being held at the Toyota Center.



Yung Giant’s second song was: "I'ma Ghetto Boy (Livin' Fa God) featuring Koffey. It was first played on KTSU radio station located on TSU campus by Rev. Charles Hudson. 


Yung Giant’s third song was: "Black Ain't Black No Mo", which is a song about black on black crime and police brutality. This song has been very popular on the college campus at Texas Southern University due to Yung Giant’s performances on campus during his freshman year. 

Now in his sophomore year at Texas Southern University, Yung Giant has recorded his biggest song to date, which talks about his experiences as a college student, and serves as an Educational Anthem of sorts titled: "College Life". 


Texas Southern University is a student-centered comprehensive doctoral university committed to ensuring equality, offering innovative programs that are responsive to its urban setting, and transforming diverse students into lifelong learners, engaged citizens, and creative leaders in their local, national, and global communities.


Yung Giant fondly remembers programs started by former principal Mrs. Marla Shepard and Mrs. Bobbi Young in reference to college back when he was in Middle School at Lamar Fleming Middle School Fine Arts Academy. These programs have left a lasting impression on him, he says. And he credits Mrs. Marla Shepard and Mrs. Bobbi Young both, with peaking his interest and excitement about attending college.


He’s also very proud of the fact that his mother and father have been instrumental in guiding his young career. “I remember when my mom and dad first kicked on the designs and printing of T-Shirts when the program started. They even welcomed students to have input in the T-Shirt designs they created,” he says with a smile.

“My parents always stressed the importance of me getting a good quality education,” says Yung Giant -- who almost made straight A’s during his senior year in high school.

Yung Giant said he chose Texas Southern University because, once he experienced the University culture, atmosphere and vibe in his Houston, his own city, he knew he had to get to TSU quick. "COLLEGE LIFE" is Yung Giant’s new single from his debut CD: "GOD'S EYEZ ON ME". So stay tuned, and watch out for Houston's very own Yung Giant – whose planning to take his show to college campuses across the nation in the very near future. This young man, hip-hop artist, and scholar is poised and ready to do big things in the music industry. You’d better not sleep on Yung Giant -- The Educated Rapper from The Ghetto.


Arthur J. Smith, III (Yung Giant) and Arthur J. Smith, Sr. showing off a few T-Shirts and other products they created for the Phillis Wheatley Wildcats several years ago. Arthur J. Smith, Sr. can be contacted at: (832)258-5776 for more information about booking or interviewing Yung Giant.

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