Wednesday, May 20, 2015

CONGRATULATIONS: Judge Christine Riddle Butts, Judge for Probate Court #4, and Her Daughter Abigail Butts Are New Members of the Daughters of the American Revolution

CONGRATULATIONS: State Rep. Debbie Riddle (HD-150), Phyllis Holly, Judge Christine Riddle Butts, and Abigail Butts

Judge Christine Riddle Butts and Her Daughter Abigail Butts Are New Members of the Daughters of the American Revolution

JUDGE CHRISTINE RIDDLE BUTTS: “Yesterday, my daughter, Abigail Butts, and I were installed as members of the Daughters of the American Revolution. My mom, Debbie Riddle, and my grandmother, Phyllis Holly attended and we took this four generation photo.”


Judge Christine Riddle Butts is the honorable District Judge for Harris County Probate Court #4. Her mission is to serve families in times of crisis in a thoughtful, compassionate, and deliberate way, whether that crisis involves the loss of a loved one, the need for a guardianship, or a mental health issue.

Judge Riddle Butts was first elected back in November of 2010, after fourteen years of practice as a probate lawyer in Harris County. She was re-elected again in the November of 2014 Midterm Election. And she’ll be up for re-election again in the November 2018 Midterm Election in the race for Harris County Probate Court #4.

Probate judges in Harris County preside over probate, guardianship, and civil mental health cases. And Judge Christine Riddle Butts is one of the best at what she does for the people of Harris County, Texas.


State Representative Debbie Riddle is the proud mother of Judge Christine Riddle Butts; but she’s also a powerful member of the Texas House of Representatives. She represents House District 150 which comprises much of northwestern Harris County. Rep. Riddle is also a well-known Horse Breeder.


With more than 120 years of tradition, over 930,000 members admitted since its founding, a vast array of service work, a historic National Headquarters building with extraordinary collections, and countless activities taking place locally, nationally and globally, there is much to learn about the Daughters of the American Revolution.

The organization was founded in 1890 with the simple mission of promoting historic preservation, education and patriotism. These timeless, overarching principles keep the DAR strong and vitally relevant in this ever-changing world.

This nonprofit, nonpolitical volunteer women's service organization dedicated to promoting patriotism, preserving American history and securing America's future through better education consists of nearly 177,000 members in 3,000 chapters across the world. These vibrant, active women are the heart of the organization. 

Become a Member

When you join the DAR, you enter a network of more than 177,000 women who form lifelong bonds, honor their revolutionary ancestors and promote historic preservation, education and patriotism in their communities. We have answers to your questions about becoming a member of this historic and vibrant organization.

AUBREY R. TAYLOR: "On behalf of Houston Business Connections Newspaper and Magazine I would like to salute Judge Christine Riddle Butts and Abigail on being installed as new members of Daughters of the American Revolution."

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