Tuesday, March 31, 2015

CAMPAIGN NEWS: Reverend William A. Lawson joins Laurie Robinson Campaign as Treasurer

CAMPAIGN NEWS: Reverend William A. Lawson joins Laurie Robinson Campaign as Treasurer

(Houston, TX) – Reverend William “Bill” Lawson, pastor emeritus of Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church, stands as a quiet giant in the annals of history. He has committed his life’s work to being a faithful messenger and champion for the rights for all. He exemplifies the spirit of Houston through his ability to connect with and work alongside diverse communities and affiliations. He brings that same spirit to the growing list of supporters for the Laurie Robinson Houston City Council At-Large for Position 4 campaign. As treasurer, Reverend Lawson invites Houston voters to join the “Our Houston” campaign for Laurie Robinson. 

“I am generally staying out of campaigns this season, but feel that we need someone on city council with the character, integrity and experience of Laurie Robinson”, Lawson said. “I am complimented that she asked me to identify with her and I want to support a leader who is willing to work with individuals and organizations for the greater good of us all; I know Laurie Robinson is that person". 

The campaign focuses on necessary improvements to infrastructure, opportunities for small businesses to create jobs, after school youth programs, public safety and fiscal responsibility to ensure Houston continues its path towards being an even better city to live and work in the 21st century. 

Robinson has over 22 years of experience, which includes leadership roles in disaster response and recovery, implementation strategies for federal healthcare legislation, and municipal operational audits and monetary recovery audits. Several audits have been performed on behalf of the City of Houston. 

"We are honored to have Reverend Lawson’s support as campaign treasurer. His confidence in my experience and ability to help move Houston in the right direction is invaluable," said Robinson.