Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Andrew C. Burks, Jr. An At-Large Houston City Councilman Shares How he Goes About Selecting the Best Candidate to Vote for in An Election -- The 2013 Mayoral Election in Houston is coming on November 5th

“Aubrey R. Taylor Communications, the publisher of Your Thought Matters Newspaper is currently asking leaders from across the state of Texas to give us an inside look at how they go about selecting the best candidate in an election. We are also asking these leaders to share their thoughts on a few of the characteristics they look for in a leader. Below are thoughts shared by Andrew C. Burks, Jr., the At-Large Position 2 Council Member in Houston, Texas. His interests on City Council include a strong dedication to working with civil clubs, super neighborhood organizations and local non-profit organizations, increasing accountability and cooperation between City Hall and neighborhoods. He is currently serving his first term in office and will be on the 2013 Mayoral ballot on Tuesday, November 5th, seeking voter approval to serve his second term in office.” – Aubrey R. Taylor Publisher

Andrew C. Burks, Jr., is the Position 2 At-Large Houston City Council Member

At-Large City of Houston Council Member Andrew C. Burks, Jr. Shares A Few Thoughts On How he Goes About Identifying the best Candidate In An Election

AUBREY R. TAYLOR: “As a voter, how do you go about selecting the person who is the best candidate in any given election? And what are a few of the characteristics you look for in a leader?”

COUNCIL MEMBER BURKS: “Our leaders should share our goals and values. When I am personally deciding who to vote for, I look for the candidate who best understands my needs and the aspirations of the community. Strong leaders listen to the people they represent, understand their concerns and aspirations and form a plan to deliver a solution. Successful candidates should be able to empathize with their voters and proactively work to solve the problems brought to their attention. Our neighbors who are hands-on and involved in the community make the best leaders.

Leadership is about more than just making decisions and giving speeches – it is about listening. Selecting a candidate who takes time out of their schedule to visit with you or an organization you are a part of goes a long way. I look for candidates who can roll up their sleeves and accomplish their goals. This takes hard work, perseverance and a willingness to find common ground. On Election Day, the candidate who understands the needs of the community with a plan to improve the lives of all he or she represents earns my vote.”

Andrew C. Burks Jr.
Houston City Council At-Large Position 2

Here’s A Little About Council Member Andrew C. Burks, Jr.

Andrew C. Burks, Jr. is a native Houstonian with a passion for making Houston the best city in the country to live, do business and raise a family. Growing up, Andrew’s parents instilled in him high moral values and taught him the importance of giving back to the community. Andrew grew up in Houston’s Third Ward and graduated from Jack Yates High School. Andrew continued his education at San Jacinto Junior College, Houston Community College and later Texas Southern University.

Andrew Burks served in the United States Air Force, and is a proud military veteran. Andrew’s commitment to community extends to his leadership with the YMCA and Red Shield Boys’ Club. Having served as president of his local civic club, Councilman Burks understands neighborhood quality of life issues. Andrew has dedicated his time to understanding constituent concerns and solving problems for Houstonians.

A successful small business owner, Andrew achieved entrepreneurial success in launching Am-PM Telephone Service, Inc., the first African American owned telephone company in Houston. Andrew continues to serve as CEO today.

Leading Our City Forward

Andrew Burks is committed to Houston’s future. As a small businessman, Andrew is focusing on economic development and job creation. As a veteran, Andrew is especially interesting in veterans’ quality of life issues. As a member of City Council, Andrew is working to bolster small businesses, international business, tackle homelessness, increase the quality of life for Houston seniors and boost tourism. Andrew is making sure the city uses resources responsibly and ensures the financial health of Houston for years to come.

Creating jobs and honoring our veterans and seniors is an important focus for Councilmember Burks. Working together, Andrew is moving toward making Houston a world class city for individuals of all backgrounds. To that end, Andrew brings religious and community representatives to the table from all walks of life to help create policy benefiting all Houstonians.

Andrew’s interests on City Council include a strong dedication to working with civil clubs, super neighborhood organizations and local non-profit organizations, increasing accountability and cooperation between City Hall and neighborhoods.

Andrew welcomes input from Houston residents and looks forward to helping solve problems for the citizens of Houston.