Harris County Democrats Went to the Polls in Person in Greater Numbers than Harris County Republicans Through the First Two of Early Voting!

Democrats are winning the “EARLY VOTING BY PERSONAL APPEARANCE TURNOUT” through the first two days of “EARLY VOTING” in Harris County. Thus far, 6,976 Democrats have personally gone to the polls. Comparatively, 6,676 Republicans have personally gone to the polls to vote. However, Republicans have a total voter participation number of 14,493 and the Democrats have a total voter participation number of 12,627 so far. I will keep you posted.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

SPOTLIGHT: Bethel's Place Black Chamber of Commerce

FEATURED SUCCESS STORY: Pastor Walter August Jr., and The Church At Bethel’s Family Answers the Call To Service by forming the Bethel’s Place Black Chamber of Commerce to Help Service the Needs of Small Business Owners, Houston Community


FEATURED ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ENDEAVOR: Bethel’s Family Baptist Church was organized on January 21, 1994, at Walter & Ruby August’s home with a hand full of people in attendance. On March 6, 1994, the first public worship service was held at the Huntington Place Apartments located at 6300 Dumfries in Southwest Houston. Within 6 months the church outgrew the Club House and moved the Sunday worship service to Elrod Elementary School. On December 24th of that year the church held its first Birthday Party for Jesus. The real meaning of Christmas was shared, and over one hundred children were blessed with gifts of many kinds. The church closed out 1994 with a total of 90 members.


The year of 2012 has developed into yet another History making year for Bethel’s Family as the church partnered with over ten other non-profits in service to and for the community both locally and internationally. Since January 1, 2012, more than 955 individuals have joined Bethel’s Family’s ever expanding Ministry, with more than 222 individuals baptized during the year.

The recently opened 56,000 sq. ft.2-story Bethel’s Place Community Empowerment Center continues to be a tremendous blessing to the southwest Houston community.

Other key events and activities that have taken place to date are: the annual family centered Easter service and egg hunt on Good Friday which once again blessed well over 3,000 youth and young families from the community: a history making Texas DARS (Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services) Job Transition Fair hosted by Bethel’s Family non-profits that led to the summer intern employment of many area high school juniors and seniors; Heavenly Hands expanding its outreach across the city via satellite programs locations meeting the basic needs of over 8,000 individuals each month in the Greater Southwest Houston area and beyond; Bethel’s Place’s sorely needed free GED Programs gaining growing visibility; The Young Men Development Initiative, Inc. (YMDI) once again organizing a highly tauted community wide Youth Basketball League making great use of the Empowerment Center’s double-gymnasium; Bethel’s Global Reach leading international missions teams to both the Chez Republic and Kenya, Africa, impacting the lives of thousands through medical, dental and spiritual outreach; and The Bethel’s Place Black Chamber of Commerce hosting their first ever Convention/Expo and B-Excellent Awards Dinner in which NBA Basketball legend and business entrepreneur Mr. AC Green was the Keynote speaker.

Bethel’s Family is truly a body of people on the battlefield for the Lord. For more information on The Church at Bethel's Family or The Bethel's Family Black Chamber of Commerce Inc., call (713)729-0125 or go by 14442 Fonmeadow Drive in Houston, Texas 77035.