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Monday, October 8, 2012

Key 2012 General Election Presidential Candidates Mitt Romney and Barack Obama -- Thoughts from Political Leaders On The Importance of Electing Good Leadership During Times of Crisis


President of the United States -- The 2012 race for President of the United States is a race between Republican Mitt Romney his running mate (Paul Ryan) and Democratic incumbent President Barack Obama and his running mate (Joe Biden) on the Tuesday, November 6, 2012 ballot. The race for President of the United States is a nationwide race and will be decided by voters from across the United States. The 2012 Presidential race is sure to be the driving force behind Harris County voter turnout; so please urge your family, friends, and associates to vote on Election Day! OTHER CANDIDATES IN THIS RACE: Gary Johnson and his running mate (Jim Gray) will be representing the Libertarian Party while Jill Stein and her running mate (Cheri Honkala) will be representing the Green Party on the ballot. Don't forget to vote early!


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MESSAGE FROM AUBREY R. TAYLOR: The comments listed below are those of political leaders who participated in my 2008 Presidential Election Voter's Guide. My question to the candidates in the 2008 Presidential Election was: "How important is it for us to elect good leadership during times of crisis?" Below are a few of the comments from a select group of the candidates who participated.

FORMER TEXAS DEMOCRATIC PARTY CHAIRMAN BOYD L.  RICHIE: "… Whether it is dealing with economic, healthcare, or national security issues, good leadership is necessary for our society to get through these difficult times. Level headed leadership is crucial in order to see the predicament through the end and to make certain all possible scenarios have been played out."
CURRENT TEXAS LIBERTARIAN PARTY CHAIRMAN PATRICK L. DIXON: "I doubt anyone would argue that leadership is not important at any time, but it is also necessary in order to prevent a crisis before it occurs. It is at times of crisis that the temptation for a leader to become a dictator grows. A great leader has followers that sincerely believe in the mission instead of being coerced to support a mission under threat." 

CURRENT U.S. CONGRESSMAN KEVIN BRADY:  "It's critical. In a terrible storm you don't want to risk turning the helm of the ship over to someone who has never piloted one. These days voters want common-sense, qualified leaders with proven expertise to help steer this nation through rough economic times."

FORMER MILITARY LEADER DEXTER HANDY:  "Good leadership is absolutely necessary during times of crisis. When lives, livelihoods, safety, security, or infrastructures are at risk, a good strong leader must take control of the situation. As a former military leader I have the ability to quickly identify the critical problem areas, assess alternative approaches to fixing the problems, develop working solutions, pull together the right team to fix the problems, and make it happen. As a leader, I am also aware of communicating the solutions to the community affected, and taking measures to calm the fears of the people adversely affected."
CURRENT U.S. CONGRESSMAN PETE OLSON: "Leadership and character are the two most important qualities for elected officials to possess in a crisis. These two qualities determine if someone will rise to the occasion, create a sense of teamwork and urgency and move the process along toward an appropriate solution. In Congress, we need more people who will be steadfast, keep their word and their principles and work toward the best result for the American people, and not for a given party."

SUPREME COURT JUSTICE WALLACE B. JEFFERSON: "The public benefits from a steady hand during a time of crisis -- someone dedicated to evaluating whatever emergency is presented, conferring with all affected, and then making clear decisions together with contingency plans for unanticipated complications."

FORMER HARRIS COUNTY SHERIFF THOMAS: "Good leadership during times of crisis is especially important because the qualities good leaders possess give others confidence, provide direction and ease concerns related to the crisis. Good leaders possess many important qualities: a.) Honesty and integrity. b.) The ability to inspire others. c.) A vision for the future and the know-how to get the job done. d.) Qualifications and experience. e.) Good communication and organizational skills. f.)  Ability to delegate."

CURRENT SHERIFF ADRIAN GARCIA: "Good leadership is always critical not just during a crisis. However, the public and employees need to know that they have someone they can follow when they most need direction. Leadership should be visible and engaged, making the most difficult decisions. I saw this in Mayor Bill White during and after Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Ike. Effective leadership makes citizens feel protected before, during and after a critical incident."
CURRENT HARRIS COUNTY JUDGE ED EMMETT:  "Leadership is critical during times of crisis, but effective leadership is born of preparation. The best leader with great instincts and skills will only be successful if he is prepared."

OUTGOING HARRIS COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY PAT LYKOS: "Leadership is vital to swift assessment, rapid response, optimizing use of resources, adaptation to changing circumstances and minimizing collateral damage in controlling a crisis. Leaders should always demonstrate a calm confidence and be decisive. The effective enforcement of our criminal laws is essential to keeping the social fabric intact, which is based upon law and order and the rule of law. As Drucker said, “Leaders do the right things and managers do things right.” Good leaders hold themselves accountable first, and then their subordinates."

FORMER STATE SENATOR MIKE JACKSON:  "Good leadership is crucial in times of crisis. We saw how smoothly the Hurricane Ike evacuation was handled by our local emergency management officials and we were therefore able to avoid massive amounts of loss of life because of it. As a leader you sometimes have to know when to get in front of a camera and when that isn't necessary. For the most part, my work during the Hurricane focused on providing some of our local jurisdictions the state resources they needed during the aftermath because our local authorities did such a fabulous job."

CURRENT HARRIS COUNTY ATTORNEY VINCE RYAN: "I believe that in times of crisis “great” leadership is necessary. Certainly, war is one example. My training and experiences in my twenty eight years in the U.S. Army Reserve, including Vietnam and Panama during Operation Just Cause, taught me much about leadership in times of crisis. Primarily, a leader in all circumstances must lead by example, especially in times of crisis."

FORMER STATE REPRESENTATIVE RICHARD J (RICK) NORIEGA: "In their land navigation training, my soldiers learn that if you're off course a couple of degrees for a short distance, it doesn't matter too much. But if you're off course for a good while, then the divide from where you are and where you should be is so great that it is nearly impossible to get back on the right course."

CURRENT HARRIS COUNTY JUDGE RANDY ROLL:  "Symbolically and substantively a strong leader can get things going. I am a leader not a follower. A ship without a captain, drifts aimlessly..."

OUTGOING HARRIS COUNTY JUDGE STEVEN E. KIRKLAND: "Leadership is critical to survival in times of crisis. Great leadership changes survival to transformation. We have witnessed transformational moments in our history with Franklin Delano Roosevelt transforming the US with the New Deal and Martin Luther King inspiring us to dream of the promised land."

FORMER GALVESTON MAYOR JAWORSKI: "Leadership is critical during these uncertain times because the solutions to the challenges we face require broad public support to be effective..." 

FORMER HARRIS COUNTY JUDGE ROGER BRIGWATER: "It is the difference between success and failure. Besides giving direction, a leader gives confidence, inspires others to trust and join the team."

CURRENT HARRIS COUNTY COMMISSIONER STEVE RADACK: "Good leadership is always vital during a crisis. But we must put the word “crisis” in perspective. Harris County consists of nearly 4 million residents. It is safe to say that every second there is someone experiencing a crisis in their life. It could be one of the thousands of children abused annually, or a senior citizen struggling to pay the light bill while facing a mountain of medical expenses. It could be one of the hundreds of thousands of people treated at the Harris County Hospital District each year. Leaders come in all shapes and forms. As a leader, my best work is to make sure other leaders in the community have the tools they need to help all these people 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. The people of Harris County are dynamic and challenges are always present. Leaders, like those on Harris County Commissioners Court, find a way to make sure the community has the tools to deal with whatever confronts the people we serve."

CURRENT HARRIS COUNTY JUDGE DAVID MENDOZA: "Good leadership is of paramount importance in times of crisis. People want answers, people want leaders who have a vision and who produce good results for their constituents."

FORMER CITY OF HOUSTON POLICE CHIEF C. O. “BRAD” BRADFORD: "Good leadership is essential to the successful operation of any entity during a time of crisis, especially in a governmental organization that has the responsibility of protecting the public, such as the Harris County District Attorney's Office. That office requires a leader with strength, integrity and sound judgment. During a crisis, a leader's character is put to the ultimate test and their ability to lead must be an example for all who follow, uniting others to work for the greater good of all. A leader must be able to recognize the source of the crisis, ascertain available resources and then determine the most appropriate solution; then he or she must be strong and wise enough to efficiently and effectively implement that solution." NOTE: C.O. Bradford is currently serving on Houston City Council.

CURRENT HARRIS COUNTY CONSTABLE KEN JONES: "Good leadership is critical, not only to lead your department, but also the community you serve."

FORMER HC DEMOCRATIC PARTY CHAIR DAVID MINCBERG: "Good leadership is always important, but absolutely essential during times of crisis. It is imperative that the County Judge provides vision, guidance, and leadership to Harris County as we now face the critical issues of providing for the next one million residents of Harris County. Harris County needs a business leader who understands budgets, taxes and requires accountability from people who do business with Harris County."

CURRENT STATE REPRESENTATIVE DWAYNE BOHAC: "Leadership during time of crisis is absolutely vital to our community and state. During my time in the legislature, I have always handled tough situations with one question in mind: "What is best for my district?" Having this mindset helps keep me calm and enables me to take on challenges and tough votes knowing that I am doing what I think is absolutely best for my district, no matter the situation."

FORMER STATE REPRESENTATIVE ELLEN COHEN: "Good leadership works if it is consistent. Leaders must demonstrate the same qualities during calm times as well as crises. Knowing that your leader can be counted on for steady and honest direction gives one a sense of confidence." NOTE: Ellen Cohen is currently serving on Houston City Council.

FORMER STATE REPRESENTATIVE DORA OLIVO: "Very important. But at any time, whether in crisis or calmer times, the most effective leaders are those who retain a spirit of selflessness and concern for the common good."